Monday, June 04, 2012

Random Photos Part Five

A reunion of Old School gets the top spot.
Amber Rose has a few rips. I wonder if she knows.
No matter if you are a celebrity dad or regular dad, you have to deal with one very important issue at all times. "Daddy, I have to pee."
"Yeah let me see if I can find a place in the bushes the photographers won't see."
Braid Paisley
Bruce Willis films the latest Die Hard installment in Budapest.
I'm thinking Christina Aguilera just loves tight clothes.
Charlize Theron
Heidi Klum and Lou.
Justin Bieber checks his breath.


parissucksliterally said...

Charlize can pull off those pants. Most celebs I see in them can't.

Amber Rose looks like she split her pants.

Christina is wasted again. What a surprise.

RenoBlondee said...

Christina, please lose the orange!

Lou is beautiful!

libby said...

Lou is ethereal. Gorgeous child.

I so enjoy 'former' bad-boy Ben Affleck, to whom god gave two daughters, so that he could realize finally & completely that women are people. Daughters can teach a men such a great lesson about their past attitudes & mistakes.
And Seraphina got herself some glasses now too! Aren't they the cutest! What a beautiful family. Don't fuck this up for imagined 'greener pastures,' Affleck.

libby said...

That should read "I so enjoy *watching* (Affleck)."

Texshan said...

Good lord, Amber Rose looks like shit. Seriously, girl, you are too big for 95% of the clothes you wear. I am a big girl, too. We can't wear the same things the skinny girls in the world wear. Accept that and move on.

Lou is gorgeous.

Xtina is trash, pure and simple.

Can we have a moratorium on The Beaver for a while, Enty? I just can't with this douche.

Robert said...

@psl: Most guys I know would like to pull off those pants for Charlize!

Ingrid Superstar said...

Jennifer Garner has strong nerd genes.

Jason Blue Eyes said...

liking Charlize more and more. Still can't believe she willingly auditioned for "Showgirls" in Oct. '94. Oh how different her life would be.

Lauren said...

I feel confident saying that Lou is my favorite celeb kiddie. She's too cute for words.

puppyparty said...

re: the little Affleck/Garner girls - In her book You Can Heal Your Life, Louise Hay says children who need glasses 'don’t want to see what’s going on in the family'.
For me (got glasses at 4), that was most definitely the case. I hope for them it is NOT.
Their lil specs are super cute, unlike mine at that age :-/

Jasmine said...

I actually like the way Amber Rose dresses most of the time. I dont know why she's being photographed or what she continues to be famous for (other than being Kanye's gf a few years ago) but I find her unashamed thickness and curves FABU. I think Amber Rose, Coco, and hell even Kim K. are fantastic for HOllywood- it's quite a middle-finger to the thin=ideal beauty that is so harming those in Hollywood and people who admire celebs alike. If only we had more than the handful of women I just named to combat the Kate Bosworth's and Olsen Twins bodies, we'd all be better off eroding this thin is in ideal~

nettalovesrobin said...

@Jasmine i agree with the curvy body comment. On the other hand no matter how big or small u r fit does matter. But i still dont fault a ho for going back to basics! Heidi's daugher is a beauty!

Jasmine said...

"But i still dont fault a ho for going back to basics"


Mama June said...

I think Ben looks hot in this pic.

Those pants on Amber are a no on anybody, in my book.

Lou is super cute!

figgy said...

I have literally never seen a picture of Amber Rose's bottom half before today. She is like two people: from the hip joints up, tiny and thin, but the hips down, a plus-size woman. I mean, those thighs are mamoose. Who knew? Not me.

Not that I think it looks bad, I think she's healthy, I'm just so surprised that I never saw her photographed that way before.

poovey-tunt said...

children who need glasses 'don’t want to see what’s going on in the family'

What? I had glasses as a child because I was born with about six different fully inherited issues with my eyes. Unless there's more to the theory than that, it sounds like utter claptrap.

Back five minutes after googling:

ALS is caused by fear of success? Utter REALLY OFFENSIVE claptrap.

Sherry said...

Heidi's little girl is just all sorts of beautiful. Mama's gonna have to fight of the suitors for her. She's just gorgeous.

Monica said...

Um... Kim K has curves, yes, but she's like a size 2. Petite and tiny. Don't ever think for a second she's not thin.

Amber Rose and Coco I've never seen in person, but I'm fairly certain they aren't plus sized. Probably a size 6.

Maja With a J said...

Monica - they may not be plus sized per se, but by Hollywood standards, a size 6 is huge - these women look very healthy in comparison to most young starlets these days.

Susan said...

Old School! Yes. Love that film. So stupid yet fab.

I actually think Christina looks cute, but maybe that's my wine talkin'.

Charlize - gorgeous. Heidi and child - gorgeous. God, if only I was a celebrity with access to fab genes and even more fabulous hired help to make me beautiful. LOL.

I really do not get the appeal of Justin Bieber. At all.

Amber Rose, now that's some trash. Why is this piece famous?

parissucksliterally said...

Kim K is a size 2 in her OWN MIND. I have seen her in person. There is no way in hell she can fit that fat ass of hers in a size 2.

..and wtf is that comment about children in glasses?

@Robert, lmao

sylmarillion said...

Curves are only allowed if you have them everywhere, apparently. Not much love around for us pear-shaped ladies.

Heidi looks nice, her daughter is lovely!

Christina looks hammered. And orange.

Another Die Hard? Hollywood, where's the creativity?

crila16 said...

I was just in Budapest in May...loved it. Buda and Pest are 2 different cities actually. You have to walk across a bridge to get from one city to another.

auntliddy said...

I hollyweird, size 6 is plus sized, lol!

Texshan said...

Hey, I have no problem with Amber's size. I'm bigger than she is. My problem is that she is dressed inappropriately and unflatteringly for her body type. Those "pants" she's wearing are hella unflattering and she could look so much better in a different style. I'm a big-bottomed girl myself, so I dress in a way that is more becoming to my body type. That style does not include tights or leggings as pants.

In her dreams Amber is a size 6. Up top maybe, but that's a size 10 ass and thighs, at least.


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