Monday, June 04, 2012

Random Photos Part Two - Guy's Choice Awards

Mila Kunis
Emma Stone's award seems to be getting a little handsy. Antlery?
Not sure what Kate Beckinsale is doing to hers.
Malin Akerman loses points on my top ten list by hanging out with Julianne Hough.
Kendra Wilkinson
Brooke Hogan thought this was the Dad's Choice Awards. Whoops.
Christian Bale
Mark Wahlberg
Justin Timberlake
Ray Liotta and his daughter.


anita_mark said...

The pictures started pretty and then there's Kendra and Brooke. So skanky and gross.

RenoBlondee said...

Awww, Julianne H does not bother me. I think she's adorable with some potential. So what if she's a fame whore, they all are.
Ray L's daughter is just darling!
Emma looks great as usual.

Patty said...

Kate Beckensdale...why? What has she done lately?

Jasmine said...

Justin Timberlake looks like SUCH a goober 75% of the time.
Look at his face here- sheesh.

It seems like the only time he's really smoking hot is when he's not taking himself too seriously and just doing digital shorts with Samburg.

How dare Marky Mark look sorta hot here. It's disconcerting to be attracted to a dude who we know is juicing- it's practically like being turned on by a G.I. Joe ;/

Brooke Hogan made me gasp- Aerosmith's song "Dude looks like a Lady" instantly sprouted into my head!

Malin akerman and that Hough chick look IDENTICAL! So basically they look like 3/4ths of the women in HOllywood.

I liked Emma Stone better with red hair. I know blonde's her natural color just seems like celebs sell out when they succomb to that light blonde look.

Sarah said...

I'm glad Ray Liotta's daughter favors her mother's looks and complexion.

FrenchGirl said...

Ray Liotta's daughter is very pretty

lostathome said...

The last few years have not been kind to Liotta. I still <3 him.

Ingrid Superstar said...

That dumb award is going to end up being a murder weapon.

libby said...

The only thing about Liotta's daughter--it's a shame she didn't get his eyes. They are like neon. She's very pretty, as-is, but his eyes are such a trademark Liotta thing.

MacVixen said...

Why is Brooke Hogan everywhere again? She trying once again to make the celebrity thing happen?

seaward said...

Man, idgaf if Bale is an asshole. I have loved him since high school. I even lost my virginity with Newsies playing in the background.

lazyday603 said...

I'm guessing Emma Stone is blonde for as long as promo work for Spiderman is happening. Then she'll go back to redhead.

kyliegirl1234 said...

I prefer Emma blonde - makes her look less tomboy.

The only way Justin looks hot is if he is onstage performing MUSIC. Seriously, start your next album already!

auntliddy said...

Love Chistian bale since Epmoire of the Sun. I dont see any need for Kendra Wilkerson. Besides having adorabke son, and baring her ass, what the hell is her talent? She isnt even that pretty. Does Brooke Hogan have a mirror? Could she not see her belly is sticking out? U supp to dress to flatter yourself, not hang neon sign on problem?! Walhburg looks like he is going to smack the crap out of someone. Ditto Liotta's daughter a beauty, but for some reason I thought she was only like 3 or 4 yrs old. Ill hv to keep up, lol

Mama June said...

Hello Christian Bale! I cannot wait for Batman, even though I'm not thrilled with the choice for Catwoman.

Anotheramy said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anotheramy said...

Love the first two ladies then it goes downhill from there. Justin, youre adorable, why do you have to make that face!?

Raise your hand if you think Justin and Jessica are match made in heaven!



(blink blink)

AuntJess said...

Ray is looking rather aweful. #JustSayNoToTheKnife

sylmarillion said...

Can't stand Kendra. Fake everything. ew.

Brooke inherited her dad's big bones.

lutefisk said...

Justin needs to lose the hat. He looks like a kid doing a 4th grade play who had to rummage through his father's closet for a costume.


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