Thursday, March 12, 2015

Blind Item #3

The Teen Mom who is the drug addict has been hooking up with a crew member from the show. After they hooked up again in the past day in her hotel she taunted her maybe ex by holding up a hand. See, our Teen Mom is a lefty in bed so during sex keeps her left hand bare. It's the only time she does this.


sandybrook said...

Jenelle isnt the only drug addict

Syd said...

It would be fine with me if I never saw another teen mom blind, since I don't know WTF any of them are anyway.

B said...

Amber and Leah are too.

Derek Harvey said...

Jenelle----and everyone should stop complaining about the Teen Mom blinds---they are clearly not going anywhere and different strokes for diff folks. Better than the fucken Bachelor!

missy said...

"Teen Mom who is the drug addict" um... aren't they all???

But this blind doesn't make any sense to me. What about her left hand?

Wendy said...

I don't get the whole left hand thing but I'm gonna go with Leah or Jenelle....Jenelle more because of the "maybe ex", rumors her and Nathan broke up but not for sure, the last I heard Leah and Jeremy were back together. Amber just got engaged to someone who is not Gary, so it's not her.

Looking closely said...

This blind makes absolutely no sense.

>>she taunted her maybe ex by holding up a hand

How could she "taunt" him that way unless he was standing right there watching? If he was, I don't think that she'd need to be holding up a hand. . .think he'd "probably" be getting the message!

>>"our Teen Mom is a lefty in bed"

What the hell does that even mean? Assuming she likes to use her left hand for certain "purposes", If said hand were "occupied". . .wouldn't she be holding up her RIGHT hand?

>>during sex keeps her left hand bare.

So let me get this straight. She always keeps both hands gloved, but during sex removes the glove from only her left hand? WTF? Does he only take off one sock too? Maybe slip just unhook half her bra, or slip one leg out of her panties?

Jennifer said...

I'm guessing she usually has her "for the show" engagement ring on but takes it off whenever she is doing the dirty with a guy - and so she was taunting her "for the show" fiancee/ on-again-off-again ex that she's been doing the dirty with someone else. Cuz, class.

Looking closely said...

Jennifer; that at least STARTS to make sense now, thanks.


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