Sunday, March 08, 2015

Blind Items Revealed #7

September 24, 2014

This married foreign born A list mostly movie actor who doesn't do much successful outside of a very long running franchise has told several women he has been with in the past two months that his marriage to his actress wife is over but that they need to keep it quiet and not tell anyone. Uh huh.

Daniel Craig/Rachel Weisz


sandybrook said...

What a scoundrel!

texasrose said...

Does she tell her lovers the same thing?

H2O said...

I thought that marriage really had a chance. I guess they both have too many options.

LA Girl said...

This is far from the truth because Daniel Craig is very private about his life. Plus Rachel was just celebrating his birthday with him on the James Bond set abroad. Prior to that she was on set in Austria and skiing as Daniel continued to film. There are pictures on the Internet. Need more witnesses than "someone told someone who told someone's sister whose cousin used to date Daniel in grammer school that the marriage is over"

Jess Sayin' said...

To be fair, the marriage could be fine (at least from Rachel's p.o.v.); Enty is just saying that "My marriage is over" is a line D. Craig uses to pick up women.

Whether he actually is doing so is another question. But the blind really doesn't rely on whether or not Rachel still cares, IMO.

Yeahsure said...

I live in an area where Craig filmed a (badly received) film several years ago. A couple of years later, on the checkout line of a local food emporium, his face was on the cover of the Vanity Fair in the magazine rack. The woman just in front of me and I were staring appreciatively at it, when the checkout girl piped up and said, "He's gay you know." The other woman and I looked murderously at the poor checkout girl, who hastily said, "I worked on hair while [they] were filming [X] - he had a little boyfriend with him the whole time of filming and he was very open about being sexual with him and went out dancing with him at night." Glaring silence from me and the woman in front of me. Checkout girl says defensively, "Well, I was disappointed too ya know!" Perhaps Weisz figured it out finally and got tired of it - or perhaps it worked for her at first.


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