Monday, March 09, 2015

Blind Item #5

This recent Academy Award winner/nominee is a serial cheater. He loves movie sets because he can control when his wife is allowed to visit so he gets to have sex without too much hiding. Well, except for now because his A list mostly movie actress co-star thinks it is awful and said she would call his wife if she sees him cheat so he has to use a hotel room away from the set.


Gummibear said...

ethan hawke
juliane moore

Tricia13 said...

Good guess +1
Definitely sounds like Ethan:)

hothotheat said...

Isn't Ethan married to the babysitter? His cheating shouldn't surprise her.

HP said...

If the woman in the blind is Julianne, I like her ever more! Such an awesome woman!

Hegg said...



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