Saturday, March 14, 2015

Blind Items Revealed #9

October 17, 2014

She (married B list celebrity/former model) posted one photo to social media, but the rest of the photos when she took off what she was wearing she sent to this C list celebrity offspring to convince him to make a sex tape with her. He has been wavering on whether he wants to. It will be a big seller, but he doesn't need the money and is not that desperate for fame. She is.

Amber Rose/Nick Simmons



Planet J said...

I do like Amber just a little bit..only because she gives Kanye and the KarTrashians hell.

OKay said...

Seconded. Never thought twice about her until she started calling out the K-Trash on all their shite.

And-so-on.. said...

Amber is losing her mind, this reeks of desperation and loss of fans..

French girl said...

She's as famewhore and vapid as KKW

Planet J said...

I totally agree! But,because I hate KTrash more..I have a very slight smidgen more tolerance for Amber,at this moment in time.. because it amuses me that she gives the Trash family and their partners shit. lol.. That could all change in a flash,if they try to force Amber in my face and on my tv they do KTrash and her family. Then I will hate them both equally. I do agree totally, that they are both vapid famewhores. ; )

it took forever said...

Had to take 30 showers is all that comes to mind when i see a pic of Amber rose


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