Saturday, March 14, 2015

Blind Items Revealed #2

October 14, 2014

This former B+ list mostly television actress who was on one monster his pay cable show and has done little to nothing since has been pulled from the spotlight by her significant other who says that she should be focusing on him and his career and not hers. Yikes. He won't let her do anything other than the occasional promotional photo for cash.

Jamie Lynn Sigler


Derek Harvey said...

Well if she is stupid enough to oblige that is her business. She is very likable and would be great on a sitcom.

Gummibear said...

He is a minor league baseball player
she should be working while she's still young especially since she's got a baby now

Iknowrite? said...

Guuuuurl, you in danger. Get out!

Planet J said...

smdh..RUN girl!

kathyv said...

She engaged to Lenny Dykstra's son. So those loser tendencies are evidently hereditary.

sandybrook said...

Its not like she's a great actress or singer.

Riven said...

This sounds like the result of a game of telephone.

Husband: I'm really focused on my professional baseball career. I want to start a family with you, are you willing to be my home support system while I pursue this?

Wife: Blah blah romantic sentiments yes.

A year down the road, no closer to the major leagues but still playing professionally...

Wife talking to friend: I was offered an opportunity to restart my singing/bad acting career. I'm doing what I can but my husband is upset because I want to go out on tour for a few weeks but he has spring training and blah blah blah.

Friend to gossip columnist: Her husband is so controlling, he says that career is the only thing that should be important to her. This is her shot back into fame and he won't let her take it. He's just upset his career is going nowhere.

Welcome to the life of a minor leaguer.

Jess Sayin' said...

At least Cutter finally made it out of A-ball last year, after only 4-and-a-half years. I guess he's almost right…he's running out of chances to make the big leagues (25 now; 27 is statistically when players are at their best and if you're not up in "the show" by 28, the odds of getting called get very long), so maybe Jamie Lynn should be putting all her efforts into his career while there's still a chance he could have one.

Or he could just be an enormous jag-off, like his dad was. Either way.

Jcool said...

So much for that being true:

"The Sopranos alumna Jamie Lynn Sigler will co-star opposite Kevin Connolly, Vanessa Williams, and James Caan in Fox’s multi-camera/hybrid pilot Fantasy Life, written by Tim McAuliffe based on the memoir by one of U.S.’ top fantasy experts, ESPN’s Matthew Berry."


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