Sunday, March 08, 2015

Blind Items Revealed #8

September 25, 2014

This B list mostly movie actress who manages to stay B list despite not doing much was already having marriage issues before her nude photos got sent out over the internet. Her husband knew the time frame of the photos and knew she hadn't been sending them to him even though they were married. They might have ended up in that A list musician's hands though.

Kate Bosworth/Chris Martin


sandybrook said...

JLaw>skinny Minny>GOOP

Gummibear said...

yes michael polish has been rumored to have had a side piece since around october now
kate is always on the hunt for a bigger fish
michael only stays because he gets directing jobs off of her bony arse
no to mention paid appearances that raise his profile
he wants fame just as bad as she does he just is completely over her
she was still very much with skarsgard when she was sleeping with michael
michael is well aware of her timeline "issues"

no surprise she went from saying they really wanted a family soon
to they were fine to wait a few years :read they're both looking elsewhere already

Mamajesse said...

I just do.not. understand the appeal of Chris Martin. He's just gross.

Jess Sayin' said...

Well, Skarsgard is gay (per Ted C, back in the day, and the attempts to link him to Ellen Page of all people seem to confirm that) and if it was a double-beard then it would make sense for her and Michael to be strictly business as well. But then there wouldn't be much point to Kate sending Martin the pix.

Unless she was trying to seduce JLaw or something… ;)


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