Sunday, December 11, 2016

Blind Items Revealed #3

December 1, 2016

I’m not sure it is possible for this late night talk show host to kiss any more butt than he managed to do this week to land the job he covets. I think the person making the decision is loving the groveling.

Andy Cohen


Alistdiva said...

Ugh, he's sooo annoying. He could never be on regular network late night or morning!

sandybrook said...

He's on The Today Show often enough and with Kelly so people know him pretty well. He acts somewhat different there than on Bravo.

david said...

I saw something that said Kelly just wants to continue the "Guest Host" appearances because she thinks it makes her look better.
Oh, well, I don't watch her show either.

June Gordon said...

Andy has no loyalty to Bravo. He is still pissed off that they fired him.

And because he pals around with people on "more prestigious" channels, the feels as if he is slumming on Bravo and can't wait to get out.

Lisa said...

Bravo is perfect for him because it gives him freedom he would not get on a big network. The other day he had Dan Rather on and it was awesome.

Hot Cola said...

Remember Bravo when they put cameras in NYC cabs and aired the footage?.. I miss that Bravo... He fits there better than a three letter network bcuz he's quircky. And it works for him. We have enough generic vanila mehh. A ton a dime.

LucidDreams said...

Bravo fired him? From what show?


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