Thursday, March 02, 2017

Blind Items Revealed #2

February 17, 2017

This permanent A list living legend/host has gone from bad to worse in her health and needs almost 24/7 care from a staff of people. There had been talk of a lifetime tribute to her on her longtime network in a time slot she held on to for decades. Apparently she was unable to participate though so it was out on hold.

Barbara Walters


sandybrook said...

She's 87--old age remains undefeated.

Verbal Kint said...

Baba Wawa deserves a tribute. But don't have her on if she's going to be trolled for her illness. She deserves better.

8====D KermitGosnellKnobjob said...

Idea for hollyweird:
When somebody hits, say, 85, they are entitled to a lifetime tribute (if they deserve it) it is not that they are going to do a lot more and they can kick the bucket any minute. Do not wait until they are ill enough not to wake from their bed, it may be too late.

Color Me Confused said...

Believe me, her staff and crew at ABC, et al. are not shedding any tears she's gone. There will be a lot of phony fake tears at Temple Emanuel during her service. Trust me, I know! Been there!

Petra said...

Protecting her dignity in ageing is more important than a tribute show. Would you really want her to be wheeled out for the cameras the way Zsa Zsa Gabor was?

Bubbles said...

Interesting story. December 2015 a friend and I went to a screening of the Danish Girl in NYC at the Paris. There were some people from CNN sitting behind us and right before the lights went down Peggy Siegel, the publicist doing the awards campaign told them those seats were reserved and they needed to move. They protested a bit saying they were from CNN but she didn't care and made them move anyway. 2 minutes later in come Barbara Walters and Cindy Adams sitting down directly behind us. When I tell you she didn't even pretend to be gracious as she bitched and moaned through the entirety of the film. All I remember is her kept asking if the movie was over yet?


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