Thursday, March 02, 2017

Today's Blind Items - They Could Make A Movie About This - Part Four

What do you do when you are driving away from MacArthur Park and its late and you haven’t eaten? You go to Tommy’s. A more than suitable substitute for an area lacking in In-N-Out. I love Tommy’s. It has to be the original location though. None of their suburban offshoot locations. Tommy’s is crazy late at night. Everyone is outdoors. People are all drunk hungry or just got out of a club. You always see people passed out in cars while the other occupants grab some food. Even actresses who would usually not touch any food will feel compelled to eat if it is late night at Tommy’s.

While there, JG and DD ran into another actor who had been in the same movie they had and said that an actress from the movie was having a house party nearby in Echo Park that was wild. All JG cared about was there were apparently plenty of drugs to be had at the party and it also meant he wouldn’t have to pay for them. He probably would have made RG pay for them anyway.

Off we went, on the search for an elusive house party. At least this time we had an address. Well, the street anyway, and the street was not that long. One of the Hollywood traditions I am glad to have escaped is the I heard there was a party off ___________ Canyon. Yeah, fill in the blank with any street name before the word Canyon and the next thing you know you are driving up the roads and their spider like offshoots, windows rolled down listening for the sounds of a party. IF, and that is a big if, you manage to find a party, even if it is not the one where you were intending to go, chances are good you can just crash the one you found.

If anyone ever says just off Mulholland, don’t even bother. Just go home and get drunk while you turn the music up at your place really loudly.  Bang into a few walls and wait for a few minutes in front of your bathroom door before you go inside each time. All the same things minus the three hours of driving around time looking for a party that will be long over before you find it.

I say all of the above but it took us about five minutes to get to the house of this actress. An actress I knew quite well actually. Yeah, that well. I mean, I had not known her that well for six or seven months, but I wasn’t opposed to knowing her well again. I didn’t know her the same way DD and JG did. I knew her from her recurring role on a television show. An almost network one. It kept her career afloat. When it went off the air her career went away with it which is kind of the way it goes. The further you get away from whatever gave you some success, the harder it is to get it back.

She is foreign born. Even at the very peak of her career, she was probably not more than B-. OK, C+. She was basically a character actress. She was on a very hit almost network show. One all of you know even these many years later. Another original friend of the site was the star on the show which is how I met our actress. She was also in a movie most of you have seen, and if you have seen it, you probably have watched it multiple times. Let us call her KA from that role. I liked her in that role.

When we found parking three blocks from her house and finally walked in to the party, it was still going full swing. We didn’t even need to walk in to know that. Literally, for the entire three blocks we had been walking, we could hear the party. There must have been 200 people crammed into a two bedroom bungalow with no air conditioning and no pool in back. One thing the backyard did have though was a deck. A raised deck separate from the house. It probably held 75 on top and there were another 50 beneath it where a bar had been set up. I could see no purpose for this deck, other than to have some kind of place to party. It took up most of the yard. It was reached by going down a set of steep wooden stairs and then walking five feet and walking up a steep set of wooden stairs. Most women it appeared were barefoot. Presumably, there had been some accidents on the stairs.

One of the bedrooms was locked but the other had three or four couples scattered around the room having sex. There was only one bathroom inside and the line was not very long which meant either in the back there were some portable toilets or everyone was just using nature.

The kitchen was not an open concept kitchen. It was narrow. There was about a three foot gap between cupboards and a bar with bar stools on the opposite side of the bar. On the counter in the kitchen, below the bar, I saw the star of the movie that I referred to above. She was probably pretty close to A+ list right then. A weak A+. Second installment of a huge superhero franchise had just come out. She was doing some good small indies and some good major indies. At that moment in time though she was like a Hoover vacuum doing lines of coke. She has always been able to party. I also knew from past experience she brought the coke. She hated going to parties and there not being enough. She would go ballistic. I mean that. She would go 70’s rocker trashing hotel room ballistic if the coke ran out. She was ok with booze running out because it was easy to get more, but coke was a process that may or may not work itself out.

So, our actress solved the problem by bringing her own coke. Gobs of it. She was also happy to share. Right next to her was a bottle of vodka which she would occasionally take a slug directly from the bottle. This was a 750ml bottle. She could easily finish it off. You are talking about someone who is a little less than 90 pounds who was a chain smoking chain coking bottle of vodka drinker and could keep up a coherent running conversation with multiple people. She was good at this. What should we call her? I’m sure at this point you all have guessed her so let us give her some initials from the movie where I first met her. LL. You want to talk about a movie that was f**ked up during filming it was that one. I could write a couple of thousand words about the filming of that movie.

Anyway, LL looked up and saw RG and gave her a hug. She saw JG and gave him the finger. DD got a hug and I got offered her bottle and a kiss on the cheek which left white powder on it. I also got a look at her face. Bruised. Her actor boyfriend at the time couldn’t handle his booze and would hit her when he got drunk. She refused to party with him but was not quite ready to leave him.

I left everyone in the kitchen and went in search of our hostess. She was not in the house so I went outside and ventured down the wooden stairs. Ahead of me was the deck. Behind me though was the back of the house. Beneath the house was a little area used as storage. It was about 12x12 maybe. It was a hollow portion beneath the house. That is the best way I can describe it. There was a lantern hanging from a beam and a sofa that had once been indoors now used as an additional place to sit outside. On it, taking a hit from a meth pipe was this at the time B- list actress. Maybe. We don’t exactly get along. We never have. You all know her from her frequent drug use and role on this almost television show but back then she was a movie actress. She had been in a movie with LL but they didn’t like each other. I guess she just followed the smell of the party. I also knew if RG saw her things would get crazy ugly. Hate is not strong enough of a word.

Right now though I saw a woman she was with try and take a hit off the pipe and our actress telling her it was not her turn and then without warning smashing it on the head of the other woman. Little shards of glass were buried in the head of the woman. Blood was streaming down her face. Her hair was burning from the flame. She was screaming in pain. What did our actress do? She stood up, took off her flip flop and brought it down on the woman’s head which of course drove in more glass shards. The woman screamed in pain and our actress said that she decides when it is the other woman’s turn.

The other women who had been in the little area pulled the actress away while yet another said she would take her inside to try and get her cleaned up. Side note here. That same woman who was the victim was in the arms of the actress at a concert two weeks later. I wanted no part of her right now and went off in search of KA. Nowhere to be found. Odd. Her house. Her party. Then, it clicked. The locked bedroom. It was hers. I went back inside and knocked on the door. She opened it and behind her I could see the guy who was probably her boyfriend. I say this because he wasn’t wearing any clothes. She wasn’t either but Hollywood rules dictate you have to hug all house guests so she gave me a quick hug and said she would be out in a bit and to go find LL. I said I had already seen LL but would head over that way again.

I went back to the kitchen. This time though, I sat on a bar stool facing the kitchen and watching LL and JG and RG take turns doing coke. LL passed the bottle through to me and I took another healthy swallow. I asked about KA and the guy. LL said she thought I knew and that it had been going on for a couple of months. Hey, it was a long shot anyway, but long shots coming in are what makes life worth living. Everyone needs hope.

Tomorrow we finally finish this story and no one gets killed. Felt like we would though.



TheDude said...

LL = Kirsten Dunst
KA= Rini Bell

TheDude said...

Original friend of site = Lauren Graham

TheDude said...

Meth actress = Taryn Manning

Courtney said...

This would make sense....both were in Bring it On together...interesting cast of characters in this story, though.

david said...

Why do I get the feeling one of the males is Robert Downey, Jr?

pk said...

Great job by the Dude, that all makes sense.

Show KA known for: Gilmore Girls
Movie KA and LL co-starred in: Bring it On
KA: Rini Bell
LL: Kirstin Dunst
Other movie that LL was in that was f*d during filming: The Virgin Suicides

Joel Theriot said...

I love these types of blinds.

Courtney said...

Me too! These and the old Hollywood ones are my favorites!

Ever Duchovny said...

Kristin and Taryn both came in my mind

majik8bong said...

LL sounds like Margot Kidder.

boop said...

"I also got a look at her face. Bruised. Her actor boyfriend at the time couldn’t handle his booze and would hit her when he got drunk. She refused to party with him but was not quite ready to leave him."

although not much is made of him in this blind, I'm a little curious as to who the bf is

Estella said...

LL fits Kirsten Dunst because she played Lux Lisbon from Virgin Suicides.

Boyfriend until end of 2004 was Jake Gyllenhaal.

Spiderman 2 release June 2004

Anon231 said...

Narrator = Josh Hartnet? Was in Virgin suicides with Kirsten Dunst

Dave S. said...

And Rini Bell (KA)'s character in Bring It On was Kasey.

OB said...

You guys over the past few days with this tale are amazing figuring all these out. Well done!

WastingMyTime said...

Would be so delicious if narrator was Jason Schwartzman's little brother Robert Coppola Schwartzman. A musician, good looking, played the love interest in Princess Diaries 2001 and very connected through his family to the industry. Also in Virgin Suicides.

Guesser said...

@Wasting My Time, I often wondered whether Enty takes the role of the narrator when it was actually someone else's story. By this time, Enty would be a working attorney.

RR said...

ugh, he's a beater????? wouldn't have guessed, sad

SugarCookie said...

This story makes me love Kirstin Dunst even more than I already did. She's a tough cookie.

Unknown said...

Does anyone know the deal with the fucked upness of the virgin suicides filming?


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