Wednesday, March 01, 2017

Today's Blind Items - They Could Make A Movie About This - Part Three

As RG and JG made their way to the bathroom, RG had her hand firmly placed on the crotch of JG. They stopped every five feet to paw at each other with RG’s breast continually being shown to the rest of the diners. Her bright red lipstick, which had been askew without any earlier impetus was now smeared all over her face and the face of JG. They looked ridiculous.

“He didn’t used to be like this,” DD said. “He used to be all about the acting and going to classes and auditions. He would only go out on Saturday nights. Then, that became the weekends and then extended to Thursdays and the next thing you know, all he cared about was partying as much as possible and everything else was pushed aside.”

Although she was talking about JG, I wonder when she was saying that if she was thinking about herself. DD is very smart. I think she objectively knew she was killing her career with her own actions, so I wonder, even today if she wants it that way. We rarely talk. I don’t know if I would ever actually come out and ask her if she knowingly did it. My guess is to some extent yes, she did. Part of it is family issues. Part of it is wanting some separation from fame. The thing is though, she never quite escapes it. She gets dragged back to take a role here and there. I think she thinks she is going to like it this time. You talk yourself into eating some food you have always hated but this time you are going to like it right? You take one bite and nope- you still hate it. That is her with acting. She might accept that role, but well over half the time she bails on the production before it starts. The vast majority of the remaining time she bails on the first or second day of production. I feel bad that for years most of our conversations were so superficial. I guess that is Hollywood. No one wants to go in too deep. There are a lot of demons hiding inside a lot of people here. No one gets offended if you talk about the weather. No one is not going to hire you for a role because all you talked about was the weather. Why make any waves or rock the boat or present yourself in a way that any possible person could consider you anything but mainstream positive. A slight deviation and roles can dry up.

DD was half in the bag, but even she could see that JG trying to pull up his pants while being half dragged from the bathroom by one of the cooks in the kitchen was not a good thing.

“Guess we are getting kicked out, “she said.

“Yeah, I kind of expected it, but really thought it would be for doing lines in the bathroom, and not for sex.”

JG was not going quietly and even managed to throw in a few don’t you know who I am references for good measure. He tried to take a swing but the cook looked like he used to play offensive tackle and JG would have been killed by the guy in a second.

A manager of some type was trailing behind the cook and had RG in tow. RG had a lit cigarette in her mouth, and talking about getting her bag. She pointed to our table and without missing a stride, the manager grabbed the bag and handed it to her while continuing to walk.

“Time to leave?”

“I guess so,” I replied. “I really feel like just letting them go, but if something happens to JG while I am out with him then ZX will give me crap until the end of time.”

“Did you valet,” DD asked.

“No, we both took cabs. I knew there would be drinking.”

“I didn’t think there would be this much drinking, at least on my part, so you drive my car,” as she gave me her keys.

I found our waitress. I only had plastic but DD didn’t have the patience to wait and be stared at by the other diners so palmed the waitress a couple hundred bucks which was about a 100% tip, so good on DD and we made our way out front.

Coming out to the sidewalk, RG was consoling JG who was trying to be all manly and s**t by threatening to go back inside and beat up the cook and the manager and blah blah blah. Nights with JG were always like this. It is why if I had any kind of warning he was going to be involved in a night out, I would come up with any kind of excuse. It was also why, no one ever told me he was coming when he was. A night with JG was drinking followed by drugs followed by violence followed by finding someone enamored of a famous person from a decade earlier to have sex with and then hearing him brag about one of these conquests the next time we saw each other.

DD handed over the claim check and for the next seven or eight minutes it was a JG rant interrupted intermittently by RG saying, “Calm down baby.”

They were at baby? They were certainly not shamed by their being busted in the restroom because they were still groping and also managed to find time to do a bump or two. Did I mention it was the f**king longest seven or eight minutes ever.

All I wanted was to get in the car, take JG and RG wherever they wanted to go and then dropping DD off at her place. Did it happen? Hell no, which is why I am still writing.

When the car came, JG hopped in back with RG and it felt like before DD even got her seatbelt buckled, the pair in back were already having sex. Yeah, right there among some books and other things DD had in HER car, those two decided to just have sex. Umm, so I guess I was supposed to drive around until they finished? JG looked up at me from being orally serviced by RG and told me to head over to a place that was almost to downtown which was not the direction where I wanted to go. Even on the weekend at night like this, it would take 15-20 minutes to get there and then 15-20 minutes to get back. I looked over at DD and she just kind of shrugged and said OK. DD was kind of nodding off but I still don’t know how she managed. The noises coming from the back were loud. Mostly of the talking variety. The two were into seeing who could talk more dirty than the other. Just a whole lot of talking. Then yelling. Then, apparently it was time for the actual sex act which lasted about 2 minutes. It was a good thing it only lasted that long because one of the two participants kept slamming some part of their body into the back of DD’s seat during every thrust to the point where I was pretty sure the seat was going to break.

When all was quiet in the backseat, I actually thought they might be asleep, but JG started to give me some directions to a place. It was a place really close to MacArthur Park. You know, even today, this is not really the place you want to hang out at night. Back when this happened, it was pretty much an open air drug market. Our destination was a group of crappy looking apartment buildings not far from the Mexican Consulate. JG got out of the car and we waited. And waited. I knew he was off buying drugs somewhere. Finally, after 45 minutes of double parked waiting, JG came back outside and leaned into the car and asked RG for some money. Apparently it was going to cost more than JG had on him which was probably nothing. RG passed over the money to JG. JG took about five steps from the car back onto the lawn of the apartment building. JG and the guy were about to make the deal. I was looking straight at them when it happened. A group of three or four guys standing around passing a joint around while each holding a bottle of beer. They were talking loudly, but nothing out of control. Just some guys having fun on a Saturday night.

The head of the guy talking to JG was obliterated. I didn’t see the first part of the swing but I heard the thud and saw the follow through of an aluminum baseball bat hitting the skull of a guy who you would think just crumple to the ground but the force of the swing was so hard that it knocked the victim to the ground. Was the guy on the ground dead? I looked in the papers and online for weeks and never saw any mention of a death. I did call the police about ten minutes after it happened. Was it covered up? Maybe. I do know the guy with the bat raised it up at the other guys in the parking lot and at JG before walking back up into the building. Just casual as could be. This is how bad of an addict JG was. The guy was actually torn about reaching into the possibly dead guy’s pockets to find the drugs that were just about to be passed over and getting out of there before he ended up dead. I did see JG trying to tug something out of the guy’s hand. I think it was the money which had just been handed over ad now was not willing to be released by the vise grip of the dying guy. Maybe he was dead. I do know that I have never seen anything like that before. JG tried to tug for a couple of seconds and then the guys from the yard yelled at him and started to move in on him so JG stood up with his hands in the air and then slowly walked over to the car. The guys stopped at the edge of the grass and looked at us until we pulled away.

We pulled away and drove for about one block before both JG and RG asked to stop. I did and they both leaned out and puked their guts out. DD had almost been asleep when it happened and I think she has convinced herself what she saw that night was just a dream. When the door closed, RG asked me or DD if we had any cigarettes because she was out.

If you think this can’t get any worse, you would be wrong. Tomorrow it gets much worse.



Guesser said...

Ok, Enty is getting carried away again. Trying out his novel. Sets up a true story, to make a set up for something a little out there.Read the disclaimer.

marlo said...

Yes, I'm reading it. Like everyone else. But am I the only one feeling a bit uncomfortable, knowing that at least 2 of these ppl are dead now? And they died young. If I feel dirty just reading it, is enty not feeling grotesquely putrid, sharing this?

Cherry said...


FATSEXY said...

I am not reading all of this bullshit only to find out that it's about two MTV reality stars or something lame like that.

OKay said...

Long story short, it's (probably) about Brittany Murphy, Brad Renfro and, as Enty puts it, a lot of wannabes and almost-weres.

Wendy said...

I think I'll wait to read this one if it ever gets solved, too much to remember and decipher.

Shortie said...

This is tedious with way too many uninteresting details. Should be fun to read. This is a chore.

Debbie Do (@debbiedonothing) said...

+1000 Somebody should do a Cliff notes version but I don't think it's worth the bother.

Ever Duchovny said...

Renfro's biggest role was in The Client (JG=John Grisham). DD sounds like Lindsay Lohan to me "bails before project starts or second day into production". Not sure who the other druggie/whore is, maybe Gaby Hoffmann?

Desirae said...

Could DD be Winona?

Bitca said...

Love, love a classic longform Enty Flashback.

Been away a few years, but the growing number of CDAN references on other sites made me think a revisit was in order. So, here I am, swinging by in a souped-up DeLorean.

So much to wonder at, but strangely, what stands out most is that I never, ever imagined I might miss those unsufferably self-important, cliquish, self-labeled "OG" commenters. Still--despite the many times that crew made me roll my eyes--at least they were literate (they even had a Book Club! ;).

So, maybe it's just age, but the New Gen comments sem to overflow with depressing reminders that SAT scores have been in a horrific 20+ year decline. Sure, these are all paraphrases, but, eg: "Too long. I can't read this," "IDGI"--& one of my favorites, "You believe SNOPES?!?" (because fact-checking makes folks feel threatened). As for the "slut, whore, hollyweird" peanut gallery types that condemn A Grande for being groomed & abused by a paedo, etc, that's a whole 'nother rant, & I'll just stop, ok?


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