Tuesday, April 04, 2017

Blind Items Revealed #1 - Kindness

March 16, 2017

Pretty sure I am being trolled by his PR people since no one has ever had anything nice to say about this actor ever. However, apparently the former network A- list actor with his own show who has crashed and burned since, including in a reboot, that despite his presence, I really wanted to succeed was being nice to people. More than one. He was nice to people in wheelchairs. Apparently his girlfriend looked flawless and the birds chirped as he interacted with fans who all had stars in their eyes and were healed of their wounds in his presence.

Zachary Levi


Ettacettera said...

First time I've ever thought 'who?' about an 'A'

david said...

From what I've read, I wouldn't consider him 'A' anything, either.

Maybe an A--hole, to his small group of dwindling fans.

It must be so, so hard to be famous (in your own mind).


GroovieMann said...

I miss 'Chuck.' :( Zac is hot as fuck, but apparently he knows it.

A is a stretch - he was in Thor, but he's not a well known name.

Stephie said...

Ok, I'll be the first person to say something nice about Zachary. I saw him in a Broadway play and afterwards he not only signed fans Playbills but, as people were pushing to the front of the crowd to get an autograph, he assured everyone that he would stay as long as needed to make sure everyone got their book signed. He took photos with everyone who asked and looked people directly in the eye when answering their questions. He was funny and sincere and seemed genuinely grateful to everyone there.

DUH said...

I'm pretty gossip savvy, but I have to google this "A" list actor.

Shia said...

I've read other nice stuff about him as well. Be it a while ago. Glad to hear he was nice to you.

Dee said...

What play was this and when? It's just that given some of his transparent PR team's previous attempts to pose as fans, I don't think you are being truthful. Otherwise, carry on :)

Stephie said...

I've posted on this site several times and can assure you that I am not part of his PR team. Every time there is a story about how terrible he is, I've been tempted to relate my experience but never did until today. The play was called She Loves Me and I'm pretty sure I saw it last spring. I also have a story about Reese Witherspoon being nice too but that was many years ago. Maybe I'll tell that one the next time Enty writes about how horrible she is. :)

JAH said...

What's the point of revealing BI you think was planted by PR people? Only to bash someone you've clearly shown your contempt for. I'm a fan (I promise you I'm not part of his PR team!) and I think he's a genuinely nice person. I've met him outside 2 shows (She Loves Me and Sunday in the Park) and what Stephie says is true - he made a real effort to connect to everyone there when he didn't have to. Plus I saw him (via Twitter etc) do the same at Salt Lake City Comicon.


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