Sunday, September 24, 2017

Blind Items Revealed #1

July 27, 2017

This former A+ list singer and his ex who is a former A+ lister herself share a love of getting high which is why they are always drawn back together. His last girlfriend freaked out about that kind of stuff and wanted to drug test him every time they went out.

John Mellencamp/Meg Ryan/Christie Brinkley


sandybrook said...

I should have guessed this about Christie since she married him and all. He and Woody Harrelson probably have some high times together.

auntliddy said...

Woody has stopped weed!!! He doesnt say why, kind of talks around it, but lets face it, he has residual high effects enough for years, lol. I dont mellencamp as a prize, but im with christie on this only i wld throw in a bath test too, lol

Marianne said...

Seriously she should chill the eff out. It's not meth or heroin.

Marlin said...

Wasn't she married to Billy Joel and he had severe alcohol/substance issues. Don't blame her for hating it.

Cee Kay said...
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Cee Kay said...

LOL She marries Billy Joel, a full-fledged alcoholic, has a kid with him and stays married for years. But Mellencamp wants to smoke a joint and she's freaking out? Get real.

Also, Meg Ryan is seriously way cooler than I ever would have imagined.


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