Monday, October 16, 2017

Random Photos Part Two

Leonardo DiCaprio hanging out with friends and a box.
Blake Lively before Good Morning America today.
Eva Mendes loading her kids in the car.
Courteney Cox and Renee Zellweger show love for their long time publicist in her fight against ALS.
Pink and Carey Hart take a stroll with their daughter.
Evangeline Lilly and Paul Rudd filming their new movie.
Russell Crowe thanking his stars every day that leading actors can be out of shape chain smoking slobs.


skipper said...

Oh Blake...Who else changes a billion outfits in a day?

MontanaMarriott said...

Yep the Hollywood double standard re: Russell Crowe, actresses have to get a billion dollars worth of plastic surgery once they turn 30 and only eat tic tacs and water.

sandybrook said...

Blake it's GMA sneakers, jeans and a decent looking blouse is good enough. And walking to the front door isn't the red carpet.
I think I see how Pink can go w\o sex for a year with no problem.

8==D KermitGosnellKnobjob said...

RCrowe needs to leave the US soon, he is becoming American sized.

That box dicrapio is carrying seems to be from the shark company, which sells vacuums and things like that, being he a hollyweirdian I am afraid he is going to use it in some degrading sex orgy with those two chaps.

zerooptions said...

Leave Russell Crowe alone!
He's preparing for a cameo in the next Star Wars installment.
Jabba the Hut - The wonder years

AndrewBW said...

In fairness to Leo, I really enjoy hanging out with a good box.

alphacranberry said...

ALS sucks. My sister in law has it. She's the nicest, most generous person in the world. Of all the people who could get this effing disease...

Jx-Noelle said...

Same thoughts exactly!


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