Wednesday, December 06, 2017

Blind Items Revealed #3

February 13, 2013

This A list celebrity called everyone she knew last night looking for her almost A list mostly movies actor husband. He was not answering her calls or texts and she was worried that something had happened to him while he was out of town. Yep. Got drunk and called a hooker just like the good old days from not that long ago.

Fergie/Josh Duhamel


katsm0711 said...

So now Fergie who abandoned her family is trying to trash the man who was an actual parent to their kid?

Unknown said...

Always knew she was trash!

UNIQUE said...

You didn't notice that item originally ran 4 YEARS ago? Maybe she checked out of the marriage because of his cheating?

jessorella said...

This makes me sad after the Kids Inc. blind. I feel like these two really wanted it to work to have a normal life and it just couldn’t.


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