Friday, June 01, 2018

Blind Items Revealed #2

May 24, 2018

I love how the remaining two stars are trying to make it seem as if this actress wanted off the almost network superhero show. She has been basically pushed out by the two bigger stars and she definitely has a chip on her shoulder and stories to tell about her treatment.

Arrow/Willa Holland/Stephen Amell/Emily Bett Rickards


tinydancer61 said...

If this is such a big show with big stars, why have I never heard of it or the actors?? strange

Kimberley said...

Okay, I'm gonna make like an owl and say "Who, who, who"?

Brayson87 said...

The first season was great when Stephen Amell was actually killing bad guys, he made Batman look like a pansy. Plus the quasi-incestuous looks Willa's character would give her brother throughout the seasons were priceless. Manu Bennett was exceptional as Slade Wilson/Deathstroke. After a while though it got campy. Sad to see Willa go but she outgrew that show a while ago.

Black Lightning is the now the best superhero series on CW, check out the first season on Netflix.

Oh and Stephen Amell doesn't care if you know him, he makes a sh!t ton of money from conventions, much more than Arrow pays him.

Lu said...

And here i was, thinking that Emily was a good person

BkWurm1 said...

I seriously doubt that Enty's source was giving him an unbiased account. It seems really suspect that Willa's mom was picking fights on Twitter right around when this came out. The impression I got was the mom seems to think that EBR stole screen time from Willa but Willa was never the love interest. Whatever screen time she got wasn't taken by EBR, plus Emily doesn't even talk to the writers to find out ahead of time what her character is going to be doing. Add to that the rumors for years of issues behind the scenes with Willa and drugs, yeah, I'd take it all with a huge block of salt.

Anonymous said...

I worked on arrow and Stephen Armell is the one of the biggest low life piece of shit bully humans I’ve ever had to put up with. And I’ve worked with a lot of big names.

The worst part is that he treats his fans like gold and has this amazing reputation for being an angel. But my god, is that a lie. The guy isn’t just a jerk, he’s a vicious prick.

I don’t know much about this particular conflict, but I believe this entirely. I’m going to ask the people I know that still work on arrow what the deal is. I’m currently working on another super hero show.

Unknown said...

Hard to believe Stephen Amell and Emily Bett Rickards would or could get Willa Holland or anybody fired from Arrow. After all, if there's somebody Amell wants gone it's probably Katie Cassidy, who according to various chatter from the set has been problematic since the first season and especially after she was demoted from leading lady to background character. I mean, she was already fired but managed to come back. Why is that? I'm more inclined to believe that Holland's "issues" — that have reportedly caused numerous production delays — are what got her fired.

IanPhlegming said...

Used to watch "Arrow" with my kids but not anymore. First couple seasons were great, but it ran out of gas. We were thinking the same about "The Flash," but it bounced back this season.

Arnell spoke with one of my children at a comic book convention several years ago and he was very nice and did not rush. Of course, as the earlier poster mentioned, it could all be an act. He's an actor, duh.

Lena1104 said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Lena1104 said...

Do you know if the other blinds that are posted about Arrow are true?

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Maria said...

This makes no sense. Emily has wanted a great storyline for Felicity and really hasn't received one on the show that's just for her. If she had the clout you say she does she wouldn't use it to get someone off the show. She would use it to give herself a storyline. Also I'm sure if they had clout KC would be the first to go because she's the one who needs off the show. Willa has had countless stories about her and substance abuse so maybe that's what got her off the show. Plus it's hilarious how fast this blind came because Willa's mother was creating trouble at the same time this appeared on Twitter.

Unknown said...

lol. Another ridiculous thing about Amell and Rickards. The hook up story is no longer interesting when they spend a lot of free time together with friends and his wife. So you're starting new rumors


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