Saturday, June 02, 2018

Blind Items Revealed #2

May 26, 2018

This former A+ list rapper cares about himself so much and really no one else, that he is throwing hundreds, if not thousands of kids under a very large bus that he promised to help but is now abandoning. Our rapper made promises to kids and to others, but now only thinks of himself.

Kanye West/Donda's House



Isn't this that stupid trolley experiment from SOCI101?

Unknown said...

Yeah, well, he's a black dude who wears Confederate Flag clothes.

Dk52 said...

He’s sick. He needs someone dedicated to him that isn’t interested in just his money.

Unknown said...

I find it funny he called out Obama for not helping Chicago when HE wasn’t doing shit to begin with! He’s a hypocrite and the person he’s turned into is disgusting to watch. Trust me, when he has nothing left to give all the yes men around him including his dumb wife will leave him

Anonymous said...

Miraculous recovery from Mental Illness!
West wanders incoherently for a few months and then.....
Presto! Top selling album June 1!
Did he just make a mockery of those who truly do have bipolar?
I have mentally ill loved ones. They are just trying to keep a roof over their heads and out of hospital.
THAT is mental illness.
Oh.... and Trump humors Kanye West. Sure, come on down to Trump Tower!! Get a Photo Op for no reason! A photo that will go worldwide. You are a rapper, you are my Instant Friend!
That's the kind of "President" we elected.

Do Tell said...

Mercy doesn't seem to remember the kind of celebrity suckups the Clintons and Obamas are.

Thonker said...

Kanye is S C U M

Leanne Norman said...

+1 Mercyprosperity Kanye pushing the Crazy/Genius thing is annoying when it's so contrived he said himself he wasn't hospitalised for psychiatric reasons but opiate addiction.

I agree with Amber Rose saying Trump is the white version of Kanye, that's why Kanye admires him because Trump used his celebrity better than anyone else, Trump just loves celebrities sucking up to to him, he'd rather listen to Kim about prison reform than somebody who actually has dedicated their lives to change the system.

Budiswiser said...

Contract or stfu

MissDe said...

Fuck this idiot

Xanadu said...

Trump bleats on about the "Hollywood elite" and then sucks up to any Hollywood person who's willing to give him the time of day.

The Clintons and Obamas weren't hypocrites in this regard. That's the difference. It's a shame Trump supporters are too asleep at the wheel, to notice his discrepancies.

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