Saturday, June 09, 2018

Blind Items Revealed #4

June 2, 2018

Apparently this former A- list mostly television actress/writer from a now defunct pay cable show wrote a THREE part episode for her new show which basically was just her getting back at her boyfriend for cheating on her with the one named foreign singer. She was convinced to turn in something different as an episode.

Lena Dunham/Girls/Camping/Jack Antonoff/Lorde


sandybrook said...

It's Radar online but...

Unknown said...

Gosh, how could he?

LooLooEasy said...

This show is going to be total trash.

Rosie riveter said...

Why would anyone ever cheat on that lovely lady? Its an unfair world.

fionafab said...

Over the years I have made it very clear that Lena is one of my least favorite people. Last week a friend of mine from Brooklyn came to visit me and, if I didn't feel bad enough, informed me I may be related to her father! I could have gone into cardiac arrest right there. The nurse said his statement was very inappropriate because my blood pressure shot up to like 500 over 600. Not really. Lord, please don't let this be true!

IanPhlegming said...

One might ask why HBO enables her while dragging their feet on the "Deadwood" movies.

nonyabusiness said...

She is a fat sloppy sack of shit.

rocky619ca said...
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KaiserWilhelm'sGhost said...

I've never seen a more disgusting example of a person. I can only imagine how bad she smells in real life.

Unknown said...

That dreadful cow has had her undeserved 15 minutes.

Time to lumber off into obscurity now, Lena.

notthisagain said...
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notthisagain said...

besides HBO, I wonder if anyone will give a gig to this toxic waste of a human being. apparently she & her workbuddy/co-collaborator jenni konner (who is also a homely pig) adapted a screenplay based on a german dramedy and it was SO BAD, kirsten wiig had to rewrite the whole thing (she's starring). face it dunham: you are incapable of producing good material, bc everything you write has to come from your diary entries, and the protagonist has to be a surrogate of you.

for those of you who are new to enty's site, she's a solid racist. remember when she defended a writer on Girls named Murray Miller, calling his underage rape victim a LIAR and saying her recounting "was unfortunately one of 3% of falsely reported rapes" !!!!!! can you believe this C*NT would dare say something like that when she has built her entire schtick around being pro-woman and liberal. she's such a hypocrite and


Blind Items Revealed #5
November 21, 2017

All it would take is for someone to release any of the recordings capturing this A-/B+ list writer/actress who had her own show talking about interracial sex. She might pretend she is this liberal voice, but the recordings do not lie.

Lena Dunham

Blind Items Revealed #4
November 18, 2017

One of the reasons, besides just not thinking things through before saying something, that this B+ list actress/writer/producer went out on a limb is that the person she is defending knows a LOT of secrets about her she doesn’t want revealed.

Lena Dunham

Gylly said...

FML!! What are the odds??!

Boo said...

Whenever I see Jack's name, I hear in my mind Jack MeOff, its very dis-concerning.

Jennacheryl said...

Why is she still employed? How do people like her?She is disgusting and should be in jail for molesting her sister. This chick need to be sent to the island for all the rich dudes that want some strange.

Unknown said...

In an industry stuffed to the gills with narcissists, Lena continues to be the biggest narcissist of them all. She's a horrible human being, there is nothing redeeming about her, at all.

When you ask yourself "Why do I have to hear about this woman?". remember one name: Judd Apatow. The same man who brought you Amy Schumer.

Remember that the next time you think about going to one of his movies.

Just say no, ya'll.

CJ said...

But Jennacheryl.... she’d like that.

Re Jack Antonoff’s name, it also reminds me of the disgraced lobbyist Jack Abramoff.

Unknown said...

With all the tragic celebrity deaths/suicides in last couple years.... why the fuck can't this count blow her brains out?

Life is so twisted and unfair sometimes... we don't have George Michael, Prince or Robin Williams, but this douche nozzle still haunts the bowels of this earth!!!@

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