Sunday, July 15, 2018

Blind Item #2

This foreign born B+ list mostly movie actress has been putting the squeeze on her A- list mostly movie actor boyfriend to make things serious. She wants public love and engagement and marriage. Our actor doesn't really want anything serious and backs off when she mentions it. This causes her to unfollow him and stop talking to him. Then, surprise surprise he misses hooking up with her and sweet talks her back and says he is willing to be serious. She takes him back and after a few weeks when she is expecting something serious again, the whole scenario plays out all over again.


Tricia13 said...

Elsa Gonzalez/Josh duhamel?

JustHereForTheComments said...

Eiza & Josh Duhamel. Damn right on the money. It's so obvious. I noticed this pattern of her following him/unfollowing him.

He is so not that into her.

Why is she so desperate for him of all guys? Her taste in men is disturbing.

Sunspirit said...

People who define their relationships with follows and unfollows on social media need to get a damn grip

Vessimede Barstool said...

Tricia is the Rainman of celebrity blinds. Encyclopaedic knowledge of the Daily Mail combined with a photographic memory, Enty should put her on salary. Anyway is this the lamest bl ever? I think it might be.

Vessimede Barstool said...

@Sunspirit, it's an insecure move, and even the dumbest man knows it. She should be completely ignoring him, unfollowing someone means you REALLY, REALLY CARE! M'kay? Advice to the ladies, if you know a man is into your virgine but isn't into you because you have the personality of a cheese sandwich, then make him work hard for that virgine. Don't just give it to him when he asks. Eventually even the sweetest, tastiest virgine loses it's lustre if you don't have to work for it.

MDAnderson said...

Too early for your amateur troll antics.

ShelbyC said...

Definitely Eiza & Josh. We all just pegged this in the other comments from their last blind. No wonder she comes off super desperate with him. She literally is.

J said...

Sounds like he's handling the situation to his advantage. Good for him. Maybe she'll wise up soon... smart money says no.

bellarue said...

I don't what's more funny that she really thinks he'll change each time or that she wants to marry Josh freaking Duhamel.

She can't possibly think he's gonna get really really serious with her. He can't even hold her hand in public. I knew he had to be using her for sex to put up with so much.

Looks like she's the one getting played. Josh ain't never been shit anyway, though. She gon learn one day.

trufflepig said...
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trufflepig said...

Is he even divorced yet?

If you want marriage and kids, don't go for a recently divorced (or even technically still married) man.

J F said...

Josh loves dick... but he loves being adored by his fans more. It's just a game....

yepthatsme said...


JayMee Segal said...

I'm surprised Josh is even smart enough to maintain the upper hand in this situation. No wonder he's putting up with the paparazzi and social media crap. He really just doesn't give a fuck about her like that. Not that we couldn't tell.

She is really letting herself get played by Fergie's leftovers. Somebody who loves her needs to have a talk with her. She does know much better men exist right?

CJ said...
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CJ said...

She’s high maintenance and Josh doesn’t appear to love her. Yet he stays with her. Divorce #2.

JustHereForTheComments said...

No he is not A- List lol.

I don't ever remembering hearing Fergie & Josh's divorce was final. So what exactly is Eiza wanting, a finalized divorced one day and marriage the next. Has she even met his son, if she hasn't that's a clear sign, he don't want you like that.

Josh won't let this get that far though. He'll get tired of her eventually. Unless she finally see's how stupid she looks beforehand but I wouldn't hold my breath on that. He'll sleep with her as long as she lets him, but he ain't in love and clearly has no intention of getting there. There will be someone younger and hotter for him eventually.

Gator said...

He needs to find someone in his own league to hook up with. She's nothing more than an immature fame whore.

Cail Corishev said...

In the bad old, repressed days, mothers warned their daughters than a man won't buy the cow if you give away the milk for free. Things are much better now that we have so much sexual freedom.

Urban Rosebud said...

Cali- your sarcasm almost doesnt sound like sarcasm...?

FranFran said...

I wish I could be a fly on the wall, when she realizes she's wasting her time with Josh Dumbmel. Ooh girl this ain't it. He's a well known piece of crap with women. Just ask the woman he's currently divorcing.

Josh knows he has some nerve, this girl might be the best he'll do post-divorce. He's not that hot career wise and he's aging terribly. He's clearly feeling himself.

I know she's had a lot surgeries but she's a pretty girl and seems to have a rising career, such a shame she's settling for such a mediocre guy who's not THAT into her. Even if she is using him for some fame too, surely there are guys higher up that would treat her better. She must be just desperate to be in a relationship.

I would like to see her with someone who is truly A list and actually cares for her and is happy to be seen with her and that definitely isn't Josh Duhamel.

Unknown said...

Wouldn't be surprised if she recants her backing off from him and comes back to him, and he's like why not.

Unknown said...

@FranFran, she has no "rising career" and pretty girls are a dime a dozen. She seems fame starved and willing to do whatever it takes. Not attractive.

FranFran said...

@Unknown I would say her career is rising, considering the number of high profile films she's slated to be in. I'm not saying she's not fame hungry but her career isn't exactly flailing.

It could be worse she could be hawking Nacho Fries from Taco Bell and starring in movies with talking dogs like Josh.

SimonSays said...

Well that explains why he looked like he was just going through the motions with her at that wedding and in Mexico because he was. Just to keep banging her. It's actually like he gets more noticeably distant as time goes on. How does she really believe he's going to be different each time. Clearly she's not as strong as she likes to claim she is if she keeps believing his crap.

This is definition of insanity.


Is he paying you for all these blinds calling him A-

Stella said...

Calling Josh Duhamel A- List is starting to become offensive, Enty. There's no amount of kindness that gets this guy anywhere near the A list. He's barely hanging on to the B list. Heck, you could argue Eiza is keeping him just as relevant.

Sammie said...

Makes sense as to why he shows her no affection or warmth. Clearly she notices it too. I don't want to believe she's this stupid. He doesn't even attempt to fake it. As long as he knows she'll take him back and she does, why would she think anything would change about his behavior. That's Dating 101. Eiza needs to grow up and get some sense, quick. She's gonna break her own heart at this point. All the warning signs are there and you keep ignoring them, it's your fault in the end.

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Cee Kay said...

If he doesn't want what she wants, he should just leave her alone.

bellarue said...

Funny how all those close sources of Josh & Eiza are almost exactly the opposite of this blind. --- “Eiza has been happy to go at Josh’s pace, and hasn’t pressured him at all—he loves how easy going she is, totally laid back and not demanding at all,” the source continued.

Someone's lying & it ain't Enty.

Christina said...

That's so dick-ish of Josh to keep leading Eiza on like that. Ugh he is such an asshole with women. Clearly she's more invested in this relationship than he is. If he was any kind of man or cared about her in the slightest, he would let her go and find real happiness with someone but he's too selfish for that. Once a dog, always a dog I guess.

CJ said...

I can understand why Josh backs off when she talks about getting married. They ‘officially’ met less than 6 months ago and marriage seems premature.

She continues to appear demanding, childish and entitled. I’ll add volatile and pushy.

He may be luring her back with promises to marry her but I have a hard time believing he would stoop that low.

Christina said...

I agree that pressuring for marriage after about 5 months is kinda insane. I'd bet lots of money this would never go that far. I think he wants to sow his oats for a while. I don't think he wants to be married again anytime soon. But if he knows he's not looking for anything as serious as she clearly is, he shouldn't keep her on the hook. Then knowingly charm her back just for sex. That's a dick move. She gets to a point where she's done with him and he makes false promises to get her back for his personal gain.

On the flip side she should stop chasing recently divorced men and find someone with actual emotional availability that wants to be seen with her. She shouldn't have to beg for commitment and affection, she should know that. She probably does but would rather be part of a half-assed couple than be single. It sucks that Josh is toying with this girls heart. He's gross and she should be embarrassed.

Unknown said...

As much as Josh is being a jerk, Eiza is not a typical younger woman being played by an older , by an older more experienced man.

Since she turned 20 she has been connected to rich, older men. At 20 she was linked to a Brazilian business man and three years later admitted on tape that she cheated on him with his brother ! Of course she denied the affair and said that the tapes had been altered !

Then she has a history of being the rebound girl and calling paparazzi, and also being pretty insensitive to say the least to the ex’s of the men she is connected to .

So, I do think if she had hooked up with a naive , super nice guy, she would have pulled a lot of crap on him and by now been involved with his child and caused a lot of pain .

I am glad Josh is not as naive as Eiza seems to think he is . Josh may appear to be extremely naive and the innocent mid-western boy , but obviously he’s not. His history with his first fiancée and Fergie shows that appearances can be very deceiving .

Eiza seems to have a need ro be in control and “win”, so does Josh . It seems as thought both of them have met their match, but unfortunately, josh is just not some
divorcée who is playing around , he is the father of a very young child, and hopefully the child is not being subjected to this immature garbage !

I think Eiza knows she was being played and used by Josh and she will not let him win. If this mess is going to end she wants to be the one to end it , or she’s going to make sure she is seen as the victim and his image is severly tainted.

I also think that Josh is not only sweet talking her to keep hooking up with her, but he is also afraid of permanently dumping her out of fear of the consequences.

I have a hard time believing she really wants marriage and kids at this point in her career . If she does really want Josh to commit, he better remember his condoms for their hook ups , she might have an “unplanned “l or “accidental “‘pregnancy to keep make sure he commits !

In contrast , Fergie is in the set of “The Four”’ wirh Axl, and her sister and brother in law, and today she posted a picture of Axl ready for Sunday school.

The fact that Josh seems so entrenched in this
Immature relationship that he isn’t even seen much with his child, and doesn’t even post pictures of his little boy she way he used to . is really sad . I have a feeling Axl is less demanding than Eiza !
And as much as Fergie was blamed for the lack of fidelity on Josh’s part and she was made to look like a drugged , neglectful mom who only cares about her career and publicity, it’s more and more obvious that the marriage took an toll on her and she is better off now. Unlike Eiza, it seems like Fergie didn’t have ulterior motives when she marriaged Josh, and I do think he also really loved Fergie , and didn’t marry her with ulterior motives .

Eiza knows that Josh is not in love with her. She’s only upset that he has the upper hand.

gertie said...

I was going to say it sounded like the antics that Gillovny used to get up to. Gilly always seemed the one who wated commitment while Dave was just in it for the casual on tap sex

WhatSayYou said...

I would love to be a fly on the wall when Eiza finally comes to her senses and realizes she's getting screwed over by a B List almost C List Josh Duhamel of all people for nothing in return.

There's no way he's gonna get serious with her, if he hasn't by now.
I'm sure the next pap pics of them will be just as cringe as the rest. He just can't hide his indifference to her. I guess he's smarter than he looks to be the one playing her but he's still a douche-bag with women apparently. At least Fergie seems to be thriving without him.

I'm gonna need Eiza to hit that upgrade button soon though.

Jenver said...

Eiza actually started an IG post saying “I’m usually very private ..” as she posted a picture of her sick dog. Seriously? She calls the paparazzi, and makes sure “sources” are conveniently planting statements about how Josh has fallen for her , even though he looks like he’s rather be having a root canal in every picture!

I do not feel sorry for Eiza at all. She’s not in love with anything besides getting a lot of publicity from being hooked up wirh Fergie’s ex. She just Josh thought was dumb and easy to manipulate. Her history of cheating on her boyfriend with his brother and then denying after there is audio of her admitting she did it, for right into her manipulative, lying personality where she do doctors videos and pretends she taped Josh getting undressed !
She is a piece of work , and she would not hesitate to use the victim narrative that she is some young woman in love who got taken by some older,
More experienced actor, when she is probably more savy and experienced than he is !

I think Josh is staying with her not only because he likes hooking up, but because he knows she’s going to make him look horrible if he dumps her now, and sees she’s got a manipulative personality. It is hard to feel sorry for him though. He is making her believe he really is ready to be serious, and he also manipulatied the narrative to make sure that everything thought Fergie was so evil while he was just a guy who wanted a quiet life wirh kids , all while he cheated wirh strippers and escorts routinely, and now hooks up with someone who is career and publicity obsessed, and he also spends weeks at a time hooking up and allowing PDA pictures to come out while never posting any pictures of his son anymore , or even seeing him for two weeks of getaways and a month of paparazzi pictures with his young hook up !

Seems like they both met their match !

JustHereForTheComments said...

@Jenver I did chuckle at the “I’m usually very private” line. She’s one of those that loves to say that but they’re actions are different.

The DM just published the photos of Josh with his son & Eiza at the Espy’s & one photo where they’re conveniently caught at Blu Jam cafe, with a another person. As a couple they’re not even sitting next to each other.

If he's afraid of what Eiza might say then he's not fit to be in this business. I just think he's just a tool and has never treated women right and probably never will. Eiza will realize this eventually & if she tries to smear he would deserve it.

bellarue said...

Eiza must really be desperate cause based on those new pics of Josh with his son in the Daily Mail, he's not working with anything too impressive downstairs.

JayMee Segal said...

He’s never going to give her the public affection she wants. What couple doesn’t sit side by side at a meal when there’s a 3rd or 4th party??

Notice the pic them at the restaurant is from Backgrid, her friends. The pics of him and his son are some other agency.

Also Josh should always wear underwear with sweatpants cause he does not pack nearly enough for that d-print to be exciting. He probably thinks he's bigger than he is, just as he thinks he's younger and cooler. lol

Michelleher said...

Fergie posted a video on IG that Josh obviously sent to her driving wirh Axl in the car . They must have seen a poster of the cast of the Four, and Josh is telling Axl he doesn’t know who is on the poster . Axl recited all of the names of the cast including “mommy”. Josh then has a video of himself laughing !

Josh never looks relaxed and affectionate wirh Eiza . The backgrid paparazzi pictures are even more blah that usual.

The fact that Josh even sent the video to Fergie and she posted it is interesting. It seemed like he was even afraid to acknowledge that Fergie and he shared a child for a while . She posted a Father’s Day message with Axl, and Josh didnt even “like” the picture .

Maybe he finally stood to immature Eiza and let her know he has a child and like it or not , Fergie will be a part of his life since they share a child .

Once again as everyone has noticed, Josh never even looks happy and like he’s being himself when he has no idea that the paparazzi are watching . When he was with Fergie he always appeared natural and he didn’t look afraid to show affection. . I wonder if he now sees the contrast between Fergie, who does have her faults , but is not out to hurt him , in spite of how hecheated on her, and
Eiza who is using him for fame, lies to him and also plays victim .

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

Unknown7:29 AM
It’s hard to tell what is going on, but the pictures of Josh wirh his son while Eiza is on the red carpet are interesting. I

I love the fact that Fergie posted that Josh took of Axl reciting the names is the cast of the Four , including “ mommy” in her IG stories ! And I love the fact that it’s obvious that Josh sent it to her ! No matter what
Eiza does , she does not have the history and the child that Fergie has with Josh.

Eiza has a pattern of being obnoxious and so public when the PDA’s and also rubbing in the fact that she is with the guy who was with a famous woman . She pretends to be all pro woman , , but her history and her behavior tells another story . She has no boundaries to her tacky behavior . The undressing video was low , even for her . And she made sure she did things like that to Miley, wirh a smile on face.

That “candid” pictures in the cafe were once again backgrid and Eiza is smoking from ear to ear while sitting next to a woman and Josh is sitting across from her.
She couldn’t put in the PDA’s, since Josh was sitting across from her.

Josh needs to really grow up and get out of this mess. He is no way ready for another marriage , it’s obvious he isn’t into her like that at all .

If he is dumb enough to keep hooking up for casual sex, he might find himself connected to Eiza the rest of his life with an “unplanned “ pregnancy . She seems like she’s desperate enough to do that . So he better take responsibility for birth control , or better yet stop playing games with a woman who obviously has some major issues .

CJ said...

The IG video Fergie posted of Axl reciting the Four in Josh's car seems to be missing?? I saw it the other day too but seems to be gone now.

Fergie wasn't supposed to post it??

JustHereForTheComments said...

@CJ it was posted on her IG stories. They all expire after 24hrs. You can find it if you search their name as a hashtag, cause a fan account reposted it.

CJ said...

@justhereforthecomments Thanks! Found the video. Glad to know it wasn't taken down on purpose.

JustHereForTheComments said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
JustHereForTheComments said...

Eiza unfollowed Josh again on social media the other day. Presumably cause she's tired of his games. Then he magically comes out the woodwork and likes one of her posts. He really doesn't want to lose his hook-up. He is really gross. Trying to do the bare minimum to pretend he cares and is serious just to keep sleeping with her.

It'll be interesting if she takes him back AGAIN, since she's leaving for Cape Town next week to shoot Bloodshot and Josh is wasting her time. I hope she doesn't.

CJ said...

They don't appear to want the same thing. I hope for Josh's son, they split up for good and do it soon.

He's a little boy not yet five and he needs his dad. I saw Axl clinging onto Josh in a recent photo. It was sad.

Jenver said...

I just saw some post that paparazzi asked Josh about Eiza and he said they were “done”.
I don’t feel sorry for her or him , both are users in different ways , but she seems even more of a liar and manipulator . And no matter what , Fergie and Axl did not deserve the public displays of disgusting fame chasing pictures that she made happen.
Hopefully . josh grows up for his son’s sake and doesn’t keep this push and pull nonsense going on for sex . I do think many woman would hook up with him who are not professional publicity and fame chasers like Eiza . And she’s as fake as her plastic face .

Jenver said...

It’s ridiculous and immature. Both of them kind of deserve each other , but Josh’s child does not deserve this !

bellarue said...

Looks like Eiza's the one who dumped him & good for her. She un-followed him over the weekend. She don't need Fergie's leftovers anyway. There's a reason his marriage didn't work out. I'm glad it's over. He seems butt hurt over the whole thing. Sounded like he wants the paparazzi to stop following him now it's over but he clearly wanted to keep banging her in private but not commit. Fame chaser or not, she could do much better than Josh Duhamel.

CJ said...

I knew she would be the one to break it off with Josh. Her friends and family probably saw what we saw.

I can’t understand why he bothered with her to begin with. He had no feelings for her; it was obvious. Sad thing is, Josh would have continued casually dating her until he found his dream woman; the one he wanted to settle down with.

I hope Josh has learned something from this and doesn’t go public again until he has a solid relationship with a woman.

Most of all, I’m sorry Fergie and her son had to endure these last several months.

JustHereForTheComments said...

There's now a People mag article claiming it was their busy work schedules that made it difficult to stay together by some "source". YEAH RIGHT. Enty already gave us the tea. She for sure called it quits and he probably tried to get back and she said no for good.

I think Josh is the one trying to control the narrative of this break-up, telling the paparazzi it's done first and now his publicist probably feeding some fake source about their schedules. He don't want to look like the womanizer he truly is. I honestly would love for Eiza to expose him.

SimonSays said...

Happy this is over. She definitely dumped him over his lack of commitment. He absolutely would've kept seeing her knowing he didn't want what she wanted. She might call the paps but he treats women like crap and sex- toys. She was probably trying to force him to be serious by throwing their relationship in the spotlight. Eiza finally saw him as a waste of her time. Good for her. I would like to see her with a major upgrade.

That People magazine source was very perfectly timed 3 hours after the Daily Mail article. “Their work schedules were tough on the relationship,” the source tells PEOPLE.
What intense work schedule does Josh Duhamel have in fucking 2018? Eiza is working like crazy, there’s proof. Him not so much, unless doing Taco Bell commercials full time counts & that sure to be horrible Megan Fox movie. That source absolutely sound like it’s from his team trying to make him sound busier than he actually is.

CJ said...

A recent Enty blind (few days ago) alluded to Liam Hemsworth and Miley Cyrus breaking up and Liam eloping with an ex within the month as they both want kids and to settle down.

Not likely Eiza as she seems totally career focused.

However, Liam and Eiza saw each other a few weeks ago at a wedding Eiza and Josh attended in Napa. Maybe Liam and Eiza rekindled their affection for one another as they dated briefly five years ago. In fact, Eiza hooked up with Liam the day after he and Miley broke up in 2013.

This week Liam breaks up with Miley and Eiza breaks up with Josh Duhamel.

Are Liam and Eiza eloping?

I doubt it but we hear more about this, it's about publicity only. Probably another story launched by Eiza and her team.

JustHereForTheComments said...

@CJ I don't think the Miley / Liam story is really connected to Eiza & Josh's break-up. Think that's just Enty speculating because of the similarities and timing. I think Eiza wants marriage before kids, her career is going too well to get pregnant right now but I don't see her & Liam getting back together ever. I think Enty is just making a Hail-Mary guess with that suggestion.

JayMee Segal said...

I fully expected Eiza to be more immature about her break-up with Josh but I shouldn’t be surprised he’s the one trying to control the story of the break-up. He did it with Fergie.

He claims to be private but he’s the one revealing the break-up to the paps in the DM and now the People article? So now if it comes out that she dumped him over his B.S. like Enty said it’s less believable. He tries to play the good guy but he & his publicist play the game in his favor always. Eiza has her hang-ups and hypocrisy but it’s clear he was playing her more than she was him. I’m happy she’s done with this guy. This was a weird, incompatible and exhausting relationship. I knew it wouldn't survive the summer.

Jenver said...

The work schedule thing is BS. But I think Josh is thrilled this is over ! I think he made sure he did what he knew would cause Eiza to dump him . He probably told her he couldn’t commit , but this time he wants out for real . He can get other women for causal sex who aren’t so nutty and. publicity hungry.

I don’t think she deserve better based on her behavior. She still using men on the rebound from famous couples and calling paparazzi to get noticed . She also lies a lot anout everything and loved twisting the knife into the women from ththe couples .

I think Josh is thrilled not to have clinging Eiza having their fling on camera and taking nude videos accidentally. He just wants her to feel like she’s in control .

I don’t see her as the victim at all ! Good riddance!

Unknown said...

Looks like Josh finally wanted to have some control regarding publicity. He would normally never speak about private things to paparazzi, but I think he wanted to before control the narrative before paparazzi Queen Eiza took over and started her usual online whining and lying. I also think he made sure the “work schedule “ excuse was in People before she came up with some other story.

Eiza is not working that much. She did a movie at Easter time and spends a lot of time adoring her reconstructed face on IG. Josh is also not working much . I think he finally told her he was not going to be serious anytime soon, and he allowed her to dump him. And like the immature girl she is she unfollowed him! I wonder if she also told all of her friends now mean he was! Poor baby!

I don’t think Josh cares one bit! I’m sure he’s relieved that his fling is no longer desperately calling paparazzi and hanging on him, and being so desperate that she’ll take nude videos of him !

Eiza will be clinging to another man from a recently broken up couple , and grinning while the guy is hiding from the paparazzi.

I do no see why anyone feels Eiza deserves better . She always does this with guyson the rebound and is pouring on PDA’s while the guy is uncomfortable. She’s manipulative, she lies, and filled with contradictions.

Any decent guy would be hurt by Eiza , and what she pulled as far as mocking Miley and not caring how Fergie and someday Josh’s young boy will feel seeing make out high school make out sessions and undressed videos online . In fact she likes twisting the knife.

Josh is not innocent at all , he hopefully will grow up, or stop playing games with women .

Christina said...

Josh really pounced on this before her huh? I mean telling the paps first just randomly. I can't believe he really thinks people would believe it's their work schedules. Now US Weekly has a source saying they just drifted apart a few weeks ago. Josh is just as much a pro at this PR stuff as Eiza if not more so. But no one is buying what he's selling. We know she dumped him and there's no way he's all that busy. They were never a good match.

I like Eiza a lot more than Josh. He has a shady history with women and that hasn't changed. I don't why he thought he could just sleep with a woman for 5 months and not expect her to want more. I think she genuinely had feelings and finally realized he didn't have any serious future plans. Yes she called the paps but she was tired of being a secret. Josh went into this thinking he could get some for free. He's playing the same game he did with Fergie post break-up.

Unknown said...

Yes, I would totally agree except Eiza is fake .
She is as fake as her reconstructed face . She does the paparazzi PDA thing and pounces on guys on the rebound constantly and wants the cameras on her.

She even doctored a video of her own body to whine about people commenting on her cellulite and invading her privacy, when she called the paparazzi!

I think she and Josh both got someone they deserve. He got a woman in who wouldn’t let him use her secretly , and she got a man who was using her as much as she uses him for attention . I don’t believe she it’s in love with him, she was in love with the attention and press for being involved with the ex of woman who way more famous than she is.

I hope Fergie laughed at the high school PDA’s and immaturity, and has some fun joking about this with her friends and family . She is so much better off alone, she seems too be thriving . I hope she finally finds a faithful man , even though Josh seeks to be a good dad , she deserves a man who is good to her and not expecting her to deal with cheating !

Michelleher said...

I think Josh is angry and upset that he was dumped by a woman that he probably thought he could keep as a hook up and also control .
I notice Eiza is awfully quiet about all of this. In the past she would post IG stories with songs that made it look like she was upset about something when she infollowed Josh . It just seems odd that she isn’t using this for attention. She thrives on attention and controlling rhe “news”. So, it’s interesting that she is saying nothing .

I would feel very sorry for Eiza because she is much younger and seemed to be into him, but she’s not a naive young person . She has been hooking up with businessmen and producers since she was a teen .

I think Josh is only annoyed that she dumped him after she made a fool of him on social media and his reputation as the nice dad who divorced a wild woman was exposed as not being the real story .

I think Josh would have still been hooking up with Eiza if she hadn’t shown public that he was not some poor guy would only wanted some down to earth woman , and spent as of his spare time with his little boy.

Eiza’s paparazzi antics showed Josh looking ridiculous wirh a known fame chaser who has no discretion, while Fergie was wirh their son . It put a crack in the image that Josh and his reps had carefully constructed, while Fergie was blamed and vilified for the separation, even though it was known that he cheated publicly on Fergie with a stripper and continued to cheat on her .

You would think Josh should have known what Eiza would do, given her very public past . But on some level it is good she was just as savy as he is, or it would have been very hard for her emotionally to be lied to and used . She’s a player herself , so she will be fine, unlike Fergie and Josh’s first fiancée who suffered emotionally from his games,
Looks like Josh and Eiza both got a good dose of Karma.

CJ said...

When Josh was confronted by paps on Monday coming out of the gym, he asked if they were looking for Eiza. Probably because the paps were the same guys Eiza always calls, Backgrid. I'm wondering if Eiza planned to ambush Josh to see if "he" would announce the split.

Also wondering if Josh broke up with Eiza. We're all assuming, she dumped him but I'm not so sure. Last week Fergie was very animated on the Four. She seemed really happy and excited on the show, more than usual. Did Josh tell her he was through with Eiza?

In hindsight, that's when the split between Josh and Eiza could have happened. Eiza attended ESPY alone last week; Josh's video with Axl is released same time; Josh is seen with his son, first time in weeks. Then on the weekend, Eiza unfollows Josh (… again) on all platforms.

Seems to me Josh had played his hand last week, not so much by telling her but by showing her "we're through". I envision they had several texts going back and forth over the weekend and then he spelled it out for her "we're done".

Josh calls his publicist who plants the story in DM and People about the split. Work schedule conflict sounds like it would come from Josh not Eiza. Her break-up story would have sounded syrupy and making him sound like he was devastated that she moved on. Josh's break-up story does not blame either side.

JayMee Segal said...

@CJ That was a very odd way of speaking. "If you're looking for Eiza, we're done." Very blunt. They had just had breakfast or lunch at Blu Jam a day or two before the Espy's. I wonder if they were trying to reconcile one last time then a major blow-out which led to her unfollowing him the last time. Cause she did the week before and followed back. I think they probably had one last huge fight. I don't know if I think he actually dumper her but maybe. Either way I'm happy they're done.

FranFran said...

Welp this will be revealed soon. That was quick. Josh was a mediocre pick for her anyway. Can't imagine who else would waste their time dating him next. Don't know who dumped who, I hope it was her but ultimately his publicist wasted no time with these sources.

CJ said...

Josh was Eiza's first big fish that she scored. She's been trying to get tagged with other big names for years, Liam Hemsworth and Calvin Harris, in particular. Not for the guys so much but for who the guys had been with - Miley Cyrus and Taylor Swift. And with Josh, Fergie.

Eiza has won because of this romance with Josh. She will now forever be linked to not only Josh but to Fergie and to who Fergie is associated with, BEP, hip hop, Diddy, DJ Khaling and that whole world.

Eiza can now spin all this to her advantage. Being with Josh has given her front page face and name recognition for the first time. Since their story started in February, I've seen her name and face talked about in main stream outlets, MSN, Yahoo, DM, E, ET and dozens of other online and TV tabloids. Before that no one knew her even with her Baby Driver success.

Where Josh goes from here, I don't know. He misjudged this entire affair with Eiza. I don't know why as Eiza's hunger for fame was evident from the beginning when they first started dating.

FranFran said...

Josh Duhamel is no big fish. No one was really talking about him before this relationship outside of his divorce from Fergie. This is the most his name has been in the press too.

I agree it will benefit Eiza more in just public consciousnesses. But she actually has some really big projects lined up. Josh on the other hand is a fading movie star whose celebrity is more tabloid fodder than real fame at this point. His future projects will never elicit the attention this relationship or his divorce has. Eiza can put this whole thing behind her after her next 3 movies come out and what's sure to be a much more high-profile relationship than Josh could give her.

Once she does move on, Josh will be just an ex of two women who are doing more than him. He seems to want to be famous without the personal life out there but he's not in demand anymore to even be mad at the attention he got the last 5 months with Eiza.

CJ said...


Josh is the big fish. He was part of a Hollywood power couple for over a decade and a leading man in a number of romantic comedies. People know him. He may or may not have a booming career ahead of him but he is known as of today.

A few weeks ago when Josh and Eiza were in Mexico, a photo was taken of both of them on a boat. It wasn't a flattering photo of them. DM made that photo the main photo on their website for several hours, probably attracting untold numbers of views. That photo was showcased because of Josh's name recognition, not Eiza's.

As she has a few high profile projects ahead, she may eclipse Josh's fame in time, but right now, she's the unknown.

In addition to increasing her name and face recognition, her romance with Josh, to me, was her way of brashly saying to the existing power structure in Hollywood that she's on the same level as they are.

I haven't seen her in any films so I can't say if she has that wow factor on screen. But if she doesn't dazzle the audiences, she'll fade away regardless of her upcoming big box office movies.

Jenver said...

@CJ I agree with everything you said . Everyone feels sorry for Eiza , but this was a win win situation for her !

Eiza was not in love with Josh, she was just in love with the idea is being seen all the time wirh Fergie’s ex. She does this all the time. She went after the ex’s of Taylor Swift and. Miley too . It’s the connection and publicity that she will now always have be mentioned when Josh and Fergie are mentioned , at least until she is the rebound girl for another guy who just got out of a relationship with someone way more famous than herself .

Eiza is back being addicted to video taping herself and staring at herself on her camera . She got what she wanted out of the relationship.

I don’t think that they were trying to reconcile at that diner. There was a woman sitting next to Eiza who looked a lot like a nanny or someone who worked for Josh and Fergie and was in pictures wirh him in the past . Backgrid of course took the pictures while Eiza was grinning ear to ear!

I think Josh purposely sent that cute video to Fergie to Axl, and made sure it was abour Feehie’s new show. And he looked more animated in that video that he has in any pictures with the fame chaser.

I don’t think that a nice guy , who is sincere deserves to put up wirh Eiza’s antics . The paparazzi and video BS was not done to let everyone know she was “in love”, it was to make sure that everyone kept seeing her wirh Fergie’s ex . Fergie has worldwide fame and connections to big names from the past and present, THAT is why Eiza wanted Josh and the paparazzi PDA’s .

Joshs reaction seemed like he’s finally had it and saying , “if your looking for Eiza..” was a way of letting the paparazzi and Eiza know that he knows she was lying and using him for publicity , and he’s done with that .

I think he dumped Eiza because he finally got sick of her making a fool of him in public . I think Fergie was hurt. I was glad to see that her new show is a success , her family is supportive, and the Black Eyed Peas also are supportive. I also think Fergie and her friends were mocking Josh’s high school romance , which he did deserve .

Josh is used to women being manipulated by him and his charm, while he is able to use them for what he wants at the moment , and then discard them when he’s bored . I am glad that Eiza is just as much of a user as he is. If not, I am sure he would have continued to use her until he was sick of her , and messed her up like he did wirh his ex fiancée and Fergie .

Josh must have thought that since was older and experienced, he would be able to be in control of this relationship, unlike the younger guys that Eiza used for fame . Maybe he needs to go back to counseling that Fergie has arranged for hi to deal with his issues wirh sex. It’s a different era now and Josh needs to realize that women are no longer going to stay quiet and let men use and hurt them emotionally and stay quiet .
It’s too bad Josh has such weird issues with sex and women, he seems like a decent guy otherwise.

JustHereForTheComments said...
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JustHereForTheComments said...

ET now has a more in-depth source it sounds exactly like Enty’s blind. Another CDAN source rip-off.

It’s clear that Josh and his side wants people to know that he dumped her. Claiming she was too needy and wanted to serious of a relationship. And how they hope he might get back with Fergie cause he misses her but is ultimately glad he’s done with Eiza. They made sure to add he was thankful for her companionship in a difficult time. His publicist really goes to work for him in a breakup.

From ET...

Just one day after news broke that Josh Duhamel and Eiza Gonzalez split, ET is learning what led to their fiery romance’s end.

“Josh Duhamel and Eiza Gonzalez have ended their relationship,” a source tells ET. “Josh truly enjoyed Eiza’s company but is ready to move on. Eiza was very busy with work and so was Josh. She was willing to do whatever it took to make it last, but Josh just isn’t in that place at the moment.
“While they did end things partially because of their work schedules, they also called it quits because they truly are on different pages and the timing just wasn't right,” the source added. “She was looking for a serious relationship and wanted a life partner. He wasn’t at that point.”

Josh and Fergie’s break up is still very raw and painful for him,” the source said. “He worked hard to move on from his eight-year marriage and Eiza was a wonderful companion for him during a very difficult time.”
“After Josh and Fergie split, he wasn’t expecting to get involved with anyone so soon and, in the end, Josh didn’t have the same goals as Eiza,” the source told ET. “Josh and Fergie have been talking often. He has done everything to keep their parenting relationship intact, but he also misses her.”
The source added that Duhamel and Gonzalez's breakup has some in the actor’s inner circle believing this might offer him and Fergie another chance together.
“Some of their friends are relieved that the relationship with Eiza is over and hope one day Fergie and Josh will work it out.”

CJ said...


Wow, that's a turn around. I had a hunch Josh missed his life with Fergie and Axl 'but' if Josh still has feelings for Fergie, then why the soap opera with Eiza over the last several months? The 'head over heels, PDA, never met anyone like her before' garble they wrote in every post about them? If Josh wasn't into her, why did he let it go so far?

This ET post sounds like damage control from his publicist. Wonder if we'll hear from Eiza.

bellarue said...

This is classic Josh Duhamel damage control. His publicist knows what's being said and uses it to his advantage. I think he just wanted to sleep with her but she was wanting more affection so before she could pull the plug or say anything he decided to jump out and say she was too clingy. If she didn't tire of his games he would still be banging her. I'm sure he was telling her what she wanted to hear.

I though he was supposed to be this family man who wanted more kids but nows he's an independent spirit and needs space. Which one is it??

Could he have been trying to make Fergie jealous and sow his oats at the same time??

JustHereForTheComments said...

@CJ I'm thinking we won't hear from her. Maybe just maybe a little post on IG stories but I doubt that. She's gone pretty quiet on social media. She didn't even allude to the break-up before he announced it except un-following him no one noticed but us. She's about to head to Africa to shoot a movie so she'll probably focus on work.

I know some people don't feel sorry for her which I can understand considering she tried to settle with a man straight out of a marriage. But I bet she's actually hurt or at least taken aback by how Josh is handling this and now rumors about him going back to Fergie. Though foolish, this probably was a real relationship to her and he strung her along. Now he's talking to paps and announcing their break-up and giving himself all the power in the break-up. She stupidly thought she could change him or something. Even if what his sources are saying are a little untrue the fact that it's out first gives her no leverage. I would like her to come back at him though. I mean she did date him sight unseen for the first 3 months so she clearly was invested enough to do that for him and just felt like it was time for him to step up & own it.

Josh may feel like he got the last word and really stuck it to her but ultimately he still comes off like a d-bag. Even some sites are noticing how harshly he announced the break-up. The reasons they broke-up don't really make him look good to me. They keep shoving how busy he is in these articles, I don't believe that but like you said of he knew she wanted so much more why did you date her for so long and attend weddings and everything. He wants so badly to be this heartbroken single-dad but he can't help looking like the womanizer he really is.

Jenver said...

It’s interesting that Eiza has gone totally quiet on iG, not at all like her. I wonder if today brought on a big fight after she heard what he did wirh paparazzi and also the statements about their breakup came out .

I am no way defending Josh because he obviously strung Eiza along for sex, when he had no intention of being serious with her, but I think he got sick of her controlling all of the “insider” stories, and I don’t really think that he always knew paparazzi were watching when she grabbed him for PDA’s conveniently so everyone had to see them making out online . And that ridiculous “accidental”’ undressing video , and paparazzi videos of her desperately kissing him at the wedding when no one else had videos or pictures taken of them probably also annoyed him.

I just do not see her as so naive . Her history of being the rebound girl and calling paparazzi to get publicity, and dating men way older than her from a young age, and cheating with brother of one of her boyfriends shows she is no better than Josh.
She also lies nonstop and is no way the pro female , pro good body image woman she pretend to be . She’s as fake as her redone face , and she’s younger , but her life experience is not that of a typical person her age .

Josh is no way innocent, he just did his usual thing wirh Eiza, but instead of being totally in control . He met s woman who was using him as much as he uses her .

Both of them come across badly as the result of this so called relationship. Eiza is no way ready for a serious relationship when she lies and manipulates, especially wirh a man who has a child .
But, people will look at this situation and probably cut Eiza slack since she is 18 years younger , and Josh knew he was no way going to be serious with her and obviously must have only showed her any affection in private . Also he is the one who has a child and an ex wife , and should have ended things as soon as he knew she had no care about now the PDA’s; and other childish social media nonsense could affect them , but sadly he was worried about having Eiza around for sex.
If Josh didn’t have a young child , and an ex wife who was being hurt by the public behavior with his fling , I would say that they actually are a good match and it’s better they do this to each other than hurt someone else wirh their manipulative behavior.

Sammie said...

That ended as fast as it went public.They were so not a good match. So much for him being crazy in love with her & them getting stronger everyday.

bellarue said...

If you go back and look at ET's exclusive on the break-up, they took out the parts that accused Eiza of being clingy. You can tell these lines were there from justhereforthecomments cut & paste and the Daily Mail has the lines in there too but ET took them out...

These lines are gone from the report.

"She was willing to do whatever it took to make it last, but Josh just isn’t in that place at the moment."

“She was looking for a serious relationship and wanted a life partner. He wasn’t at that point.”

"It was hard for Eiza to deal with being apart so much."

Hmmm, very interesting..

CJ said...


These tabloid articles seem to be written by the celebrity publicists and have little to do with the truth.

We saw this play out when Josh and Eiza went public last month. All that head over heels PDA nonsense when we saw the photos which told a different story.

I read through the ET and the DM posts which both seem to have deleted the references to Eiza being clingy. These original posts seem to come from Josh's camp not hers.

Since then, I think her publicist is on the war path with Josh's publicist which may be why we're seeing newly revised posts about their breakup.

What took me by surprise more than the Josh/Eiza battle is the notion that Josh misses Fergie suggesting a possible reconciliation. I think the reality is that Fergie told Josh to use her as an excuse for his weird behavior with Eiza. Fergie seems to continue to support Josh even through this debacle.

From this point on, I hope Josh resumes a strong relationship with his son and dates discreetly and without involving the public. But if the tabloids continue to suggest a Fergie/Josh reconciliation, I need to see proof. Otherwise, I'm not buying it.

In the meantime, I hope Eiza moves on. She's benefited from lots of high profile publicity through her brief association with Josh. But in the future, she'd be wise to separate her personal love life from her career. She'll have more success.

bellarue said...

Oh yeah Josh's camp for sure put out all these break-up sources. If I was Eiza I would have my team remove those clingy references too. The DM still has those quotes but either way it's clear Josh's team wanted the upper-hand.

I think Eiza is choosing to move on from this more quietly than Josh and focus on work. He loves to play the good guy, the whole Fergie thing sounds like B.S. too. To make him not seem like he just wants to bang chicks but that he realizes he might still love her. The fact that he still follows Eiza on social media makes him look nicer and her bitchier. Yet him & his team is making sure it's clear he broke things off. He's such a contradiction himself. If only he put this much energy into being an actual good guy in his marriage.

Unknown said...

I am not sure Josh really broke this off . I am thinking it’s possible he confronted Eiza about all of her paparazzi and undressing video antics, and she let him have it for lying to her and pretending he wanted something serious so that he could have her on a string for sex .
I think she is quiet because anyone with a brain knows that she was calling the paparazzi and didn’t accidentally video tape him undressing.
I totally understand her not wanting to be kept as his little secret sex partner , but she also has a pattern of hooking up with guys who are on the rebound from being with someone famous . So, she’s not totally innocent . She also probably repeatedly lied about not calling the paparazzi, and he knew it . And she had no care of how her antics affected Fergie or Josh’s son . She’s very experienced with older men and also cheated with one of her boyfriend’s brother ! So , sorry I don’t feel sorry for her .

She was clingy for the photogs . She looked desperate.

But, on the other hand Josh lied to her to make her think that he wanted something more , when in fact he was only interested in sex , so it’s hard to feel sorry for him that she used him for paparazzi opportunities.

I think they are both opportunistic, and both are liars .

When I saw those pictures of them at the movies it looked like Eiza was upset because of something to do with Josh, and he was comforting her and hugging her.

Josh and Eiza both got what they wanted , but never expected the other person to be as manipulative and lie as much as they do, so they both probably feel used .

I don’t feel sorry for either of them , but Josh being a father and much older should have more developed character and maturit, and think about how his actions affect his son . If the paparazzi hadn’t caught them all over , we wouldn’t know that his little boy was barely seeing him while he was having his fling . Hopefully Fergie will stick to coparenting and not get involved with him romantically again. She seems to have very supportive friends and family and she doesn’t need to go backwards .

JustHereForTheComments said...

@Unknown I don’t believe he really broke it off either. The way he said they’re done, had some salt to it, he looked mad in those gym pictures. If she did, I hope he felt like he got a taste of his own medicine. The way his publicist started going to work, Makes me think he probably didn’t. My thing is he knew what was with the paps from the beginning in June & you knew exactly what she wanted from you, so now you’re butt hurt when she reaches a breaking point ? He new those reports about how in love they were were out. He didn’t do anything about it then. But now he no longer gets what he wants. I agree it looked they were arguing at the movies and he said something to make her happy for the moment. There were also some pics of her arguing on a phone a few weeks back, probably was Josh too.

No Eiza is not innocent. You can’t expect some fairytale from men straight out of relationships. She should understand this by now. It’s a good thing it’s over & for good. The way Josh has played this out, she should know loud and clear how he feels. She probably went quiet cause she felt foolish about the relationship, especially the way he kinda put the breakup on blast. I don’t see her staying down too long about it. If she didn’t go after the wrong guys she could have a nice mutual relationship, even with another celeb guy.

Fergie is much better off without Josh too. She should not take him back at all. He constantly plays her back in forth in the media. Cheating on her constantly. Putting out rumors that she’d rather be a rockstar than a mom/wife, then bringing her flowers. Flaunting a new girl or going along with it & now he misses her. No way. Whatever makes him look good he’ll use, even it doesn’t make sense with the last thing.

Josh needs to be alone or with someone who’s clear on his intentions. For him to be leading women on like this so soon after a divorce tells me he’s just a womanizer for life. He & his publicist love crafting an image that’s wholesome yet the way he does the women in his life always speaks opposite.


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