Sunday, September 23, 2018

Blind Items Revealed #2

September 15, 2018

He can call it what he wants, but this former A list mostly television actor turned crap movie actor turned most failed television actor who all of you still know from the first one was recently in rehab.

Matthew Perry


Nor Cal said...

Was the story of a three month hospital stay fabricated? Did he spend that whole time in rehab?

Unknown said...

Definitely had to be. It’s good he’s choosing to get help

Glue said...

@Nor Cal

According to Perry and his people, he was in the hospital for Gastrointestinal Perforation (ruptured bowel) the past few months.

According to Enty, Perry was in rehab.

Enty could be correct, only because Perry's gained weight.

Perry said a looong time ago, "When i'm fat I'm sober, when I'm skinny I'm not." ... or something along those lines...

Nevertheless, I'm rooting for him. haha. no pun intended. :P

Stupidpervs said...

Hope it helps him whatever it was rehab was outpatient but was around 3 months

Stupidpervs said...

Either way he should be sober in the hospital so maybe it was eye opening we shall see in a few months ..gotta want it for it to work and gotta work the 12 steps all the time til your ready to not rely on rituals

orangesoda said...

Well, shit. Good for him for getting help. Good luck to him.

Thia said...

@Glue - I remember when he said that. And I hope he's getting the help he needs.

Unknown said...

Opioid cause severe constipation. How important is being regular to you?

Mischief Girl said...

If this is true, then good for Matthew. Three months in rehab would be a sign of recognition that he needs help. I'd never shame someone for that, only applaud them. Hope he is able to stay clean and sober.

Edie said...

I like some of Perry's films, especially, "Birds of America" and "Numb." And he is hardly the only actor who has not been able to find another TV vehicle, following a massive success. I like Perry and wish him well in all levels of life.

Laurita said..., he seems like a decent guy.

nancer said...

probably had a perforated ulcer---can happen with severe alcoholism---and then went to rehab. i hope he's ok. i always liked him.

LooksLikeCRicci said...

I love Matthew Perry. Always have, always will. He was my favorite Friend by far. I hope he gets the help he needs and can stay sober.

mercyprosperity said...

Two decades now, people have played the violins for poor Matt Perry, the mega millionaire who has addictions.
They love him simply because he was on a TV show.
Maybe we can find a way to help the millions of people who cannot afford addiction treatment? Those who end up living on a bench, losing contact with reality, until loved ones don't know where they are or how to help them?
The people who weren't born into fame. The people who have the same issues as Matt Perry, and zero money to deal with it.
My husband is one of them. He is MIA. Off grid. Lost everything, and he had a lot.

hunter said...


Mercy - I've just met you twice now and I don't like your narrow ass mind at all. DID YOU KNOW THAT MATTHEW PERRY HAS FUNDED MAJOR REHAB EFFORTS FOR THOSE LESS FORTUNATE?

Did you? No. No you fucking didn't so you come on here and shoot off your whore mouth. Well guess what MISS Properity, your breath smells like shit.

hunter said...

Why don't you get off the goddamn internet Mercy and stop trolling trash celeb gossip sites and help out some of those terribly unfortunate people who all desperately need your help?

After all, if there's one thing I know from being one of them, they can be an open pit of endless need so there will always be a place for you if that's the life you want.

You picked your husband - go pick another. I bet you're the type to get the same one every time.

lutefisk said...

Matthew Perry was painfully thin on a few seasons of "Friends." I have never read anyone having anything negative to say about him. I hope he finally found the help he needs.

Brian said...

My friend is the uncle of a longtime addict minor celebrity who goes back and forth between sobriety and using, and he said the same thing as Matthew, when his nephew is sober he's fat, when he drops the weight it's because he's using again.

Unknown said...

Mercy Prosperity, I think you're a delusional bimbo.

Let me explain: rich addicts die all the time, while poor addicts can get clean. It happens, everywhere, all the time. Addiction is not a matter of wallet size, and getting clean isn't either. Western countries do have plenty of facilities and offer plenty of opportunities for street addicts to get clean, they just have to want to.
Often, as hunter said, these same facilities are financed by the rich people you seem to hate so much, with the intention to help.

Another thing: in ultra-extra-super liberal San Francisco, they spend more money handing out syringes now, than on drug treatment (!!!). This has propelled SF to become one of the most drug riddled, and homeless-filled cities in the US. Not to mention that high people leave their used syringes lying around everywhere, including playgrounds and dog parks. And while the idea behind this libtard insanity was to stop the spread of HIV, the numbers of those infected only keep rising. Hand in hand with the number of homeless addicts.

Money isn't the enemy, money can help and do lots of great things. It's mainly the stupidity of people that destroys lives.

SO whenever you see your husband next, ask him what he'd prefer: a drug treatment program, probably sponsored by an evil capitalist millionaire, or 25 free syringes a month, by those nice non-millionaire people who have his back. Let us know and good luck to your husband. Addiction is a bitch.

Robynsing said...

Met Perry once right after Friends ended and he was definitely sober. When his character from The Good Wife returned to The Good Fight, there were scenes where he was sooooo drunk or on pills, that he seemed like he was doing a gag. Slurring like a comic drunk, only he was just drunk.

Anonymous said...

When drug treatment doesn't work, you might as well hand out syringes. Mike Pence had to OK a needle exchange program in southeastern counties of the state of Indiana while he was governor, because of the skyrocketing HIV infection rate from equally skyrocketing addiction. Some things are beyond "libtard" or "conservatard", they're just about doing the right goddamn thing to get a situation under control.

The CDC has studies that show this approach works. Unfortunately Indiana hears voices that says it's a sin to "enable addicts" so they're discontinuing the program.

It's scary that in this day and age, people are still using ancient religious texts as their basis for modern government. But hey, Indiana, you do you.

Real Sench said...

I happen to know a few girls who had substance abuse and severe mental health issues who ended up in the same type of rehab facilities that celebrities do and may have even overlapped with some of their kids. These are the children of parents with net worths respectively in the eight figures at a minimum, and in some cases are the children of billionaires.

Yes, 10, 20 years out, some of them are doing OK now--one or two made it through college and got married and seem to have some sort of value-adding work (job and/or parenting). A couple others barely squeaked by in art school but finished and are bankrolled by their parents. The rest died by 30 from relapsing, OD-ing, or just from their bodies being so used-up from the abuse they put themselves through.

I am sure that if their parents weren't able to get them the best (or at least most glamorous) treatment money could buy, the statistics would be even more grim, but it didn't save all of them. It didn't help Fred Trump either.

Edie said...

To @Real Sench --- What does that last line even mean?

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Real Sench said...

Edie: Fred Trump Jr. was Donald's brother who died young of alcoholism. His family had all the resources but still couldn't save him. He actually went to the same college I did which was and is a major party school. I saw others succumb to similar fates.


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