Monday, September 24, 2018

Blind Items Revealed #4

September 17, 2018

Our favorite tall alliterate model is already laying the groundwork to postpone that life event if necessary by giving herself a public excuse which she can use and refer back to.

Karlie Kloss


Hamid said...

Not long till we find out if Bill Cockby will be eating pudding in jail.

You see, you put the pudding on the tray and then you eat the pudding!

Kimelem said...

yeah yeah whatever her, do we know who is the other girl in the picture?? I'm still in the dark and need to know for my well bieng!!

Thursday November said...

Gee, Enty could you be any more vague here?

Something to do with her wedding, but no idea as to what?

whateverpants said...

Karlie followed a marriage counselor on social media, which implies there's trouble and laying the groundwork for breaking up with shady Kushner and coming out with Taylor Swift.

Brayson87 said...

Go Team Kaylor 2018!!!

Lisa said...

She is so fake and boring. Everything about her is manufactured and scripted. Just come out and get your freak on girl.

hunter said...

I think Karlie has more spark than Taylor. Karlie strikes me as more genuine.

BlittleU said...

I don't know why she would want to marry into the Kushner family. Tay Tay is worth a few hundred million herself so it can't just be about the money. It is all very odd.

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