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Blind Items Revealed #6

August 3, 2018

This former A+ list rapper wants people to think he has way more money and is worth more money than he really is. Apparently he thinks he is worth a ton despite signing over almost anything of worth to this permanent A list rapper. To help him fulfill his imaginary wishes of riches, the momager force fed the story of his riches to several outlets who printed what the momager said verbatim without actually checking it out.

Kanye West/Jay Z/Kris Jenner


Unknown said...

Lmao is that why he said he and Jay are reuniting to make a joint album?..... that’ll never happen and he’s delusional as FUCK!

Unknown said...

So if Kanye accepting campaign contributions for 2020 yet. My intuition is that somehow he is serious about trying to run for President.

sandybrook said...

He wants to be regarded as at a level equal to JayZ and Puff Diddly Squat, so he's fugazy wealthy, just like they are. It's all about material things in their world.

Drama said...

Such a goddamn shame. Kanye's such a talent, but is so needy and broken that he got sucked into the Kardashaclysm, and now there's no way out.

GrislyAddams said...

I had a dream the other night.

I mentioned Kanye and the Centaur I was talking to said, "who?"

Woke up feeling great but then I went and checked the news. He's still a thing.

Kimberley said...

'Puffdiddlysquat' lol@Sandybrook!

plot said...

Kanye didn't sell his catalogue to Jay Z. He still owns his music including the massive number of songs he produced for others. Jay underwrote Kanye's last two tours, however, and the Pablo tour was a disaster (well documented - the Paris "robbery" and Kanye's breakdown.)

Two issues here. First, where the insurance money went for the tour's failure to fill about half it's dates. Jay was owed money which Kanye MIGHT have personally kept himself OR Jay was paid though not his full 20 million and Kanye refuses to make up the difference.

OR, Jay knows that Kanye purposefully ended the tour in the most inflammatory way possible - supporting Trump - to piss off Jay and the lack of respect he and Bey showed to Kim.

Issue 2 is that Kanye took his music off Tidal, which was a wise move ultimately but personally hurt Jay Z.
Now if Jay Z owned Kanye's music, he could have kept it on Tidal forever. But he does not own Kanye's output and Kanye took it elsewhere.

Kanye is fine. He is still wealthy and still not that smart with money...though it looks like his fashion line isn't doing all that badly. If anything, PMK might be helping Kanye take his purchases and investments a little more seriously.

His video for the Pornhub ceremonies is dirty stuff, but completely engaging and funny. Shocking to see the old Kanye again, mugging and playing around.

Danilo said...


Cree said...

I dont think Kanye faked his own breakdown. They took him on a 50150 and had him in the hospital for awhile.

He wont say what mental illness he has, but has admitted that something is chemically off.

Jay-z is an ass and is no better than Diddy in the way he runs his ship. Jay-z tool credit for "giving" kanye money, but really it was money for a record deal when he got signed.

I dont think he literally owes him anything, just Jay-z thinks he owes him for helping him get his deal years ago.

Cree said...

Unless you mean the money Jay-z claimed to give Kanye for the tour, except it was really an advance per his live nation deal.

As far as insurance money for that tour, I wouldnt think Kanye would ever have anything to do with that money directly and someone else would be handling that end.

Jne said...

I thought previous blinds implied jay-z and bey were close to broke or not nearly as wealthy as they pretend. And tidal was losing tons of $ and they were contantttly moving $ around to cover debts. And that bey dumped her previous manager 9dad) who managed her $ very well and turned it over to jay-z who has blown most of it...

Lunchpaillefty said...

We’ll never see his tax returns either.

plot said...


Everything you say is probably true. I don't think Kanye faked his breakdown but I believe Jay might see it that way.

The underlying tension, though, was Kim Kardashian and how Bey and Jay rejected her. Not to say it wasn't fun at the time to watch a Kardashian get their comeuppance, but honestly Jay allowed emotion to interfere with a business decision (probably at the behest of Bey) which was not wise. Jay, as it turned out, needed Kanye more than Kanye needed Jay, for the Tidal business. Best embrace the wife then and let the kids play together.

The insurance was probably handled by others, that is true, but still Jay could be upset that his 20 million was the only thing recouped without any profits, and blame Kanye nonetheless. Jay had a shit fit, it looked like to me, though everyone else was focused on Kanye's mental health issues.

Now Jay is required to stay with his wife since she has all the money and power right now. He's on his knees, literally on stage, pledging his undying loyalty.

His rap days are now completely over. He's not even fishing for new talent.

Honey Bunny said...

Kanye's mom was the only one that was keeping him stable and now he has got Kim and she is going to take him for everything that she can. And when he is finished, she will throw him overboard. SHDH

Sd Auntie said...

I think he is doing better. Wish I could afford a pair of his shoes! Yes it has been good to see him smiling again.

Unknown said...

Lol all the losers who hate on everyone and their mother on this site are licking Kanye’s overrated Nutsack. Lmao. Pathetic.

Unknown said...

Wow I didn’t realize you were Jayz’s accountant.

Unknown said...

And wrong. It was a VERY wise move not getting mixed up with Kim and her fellow succubuses. It would have ruined their brand just like it did Kanye’s. Lmao at you say Jay needs Kanye more than he needs Jay. BWAHAHAHA. Jay has JCole, Rihanna, etc. climb out of Kanye’s asshole.

OB said...

+1000000 @youre. Or the Trashian shills have finally reached CDaN

Do Tell said...

I think most people at this point who even glance at entertainment sites randomly are clued in to what a lying phony Kris Jenner is and how she feeds fake stories to the media.

plot said...

"It would have ruined their brand just like it did Kanye’s."

Kanye's "brand" isn't ruined though. I thought it would be with the Kard Konnect, but it really isn't. He still sells well and who would have thought his fashion line would sell, but it does, especially the shoes.

" Lmao at you say Jay needs Kanye more than he needs Jay. "

Yes, absolutely. Tidal is doing extremely poorly. It's probably not even sellable at this point.

"Jay has JCole, Rihanna,"

Rihanna signed up with Jay again in 2014. From 2008 - 2014, she wasn't managed by Roc Nation or Jay at all.

Jay Z doesn't have a bit to do with Rihanna's fashion and make up lines, which is possibly what will make her a billionaire. Wait and see.

JCole isn't much to bank on. Roc Nation does boast Jaden Smith. I'm sure he'll be producing hits real soon.

"climb out of Kanye’s asshole"

I'm glad he seems to be on his feet again and happy. Call that whatever you like. He's a talented fellow.

plot said...

Here's a question -

Yes, we all know Kris feeds fake stories to the press. So is the estimate of Kylie being worth close to a billion just another Kris lie for attention? It was Forbes that announced that, right? Forbes kisses a lot of celebrity ass, including Donny. Forbes lied for him yugely. So is the Kylie story total bullshit? I would think so, because I have no idea WFT she does or sells, other than being a part of her mother's machine and hacking away at her face and body. So unless someone can explain to me how a 21 year old with little ambition or drive makes that much, I'm gonna assume PMK is up to her tricks again there.

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

The main difference between a person with real actual talent like Kanye, and an ex criminal, broke-ass camel-faced poser like JayZ, is that a Kanye can always make a comeback. JayZ can not.

Kanye is a typically dark and sensitive 'artiste'. People like him often have mental issues, but they're visionaries. He's extremely tuned in, and very sensitive to the world of art and design. (Like Rihanna is tuned in onto fashion).
He discovered Virgil Abloh. He collaborated with Louis Vuitton, Givenchy and Fendi. Let alone Nike and Adidas. He was the first to buy George Condo. He was collecting art & design when JayZ didn't even know how to spell art. Then JayZ copied him. Him and Beyonce copy everything Kanye (and also Rihanna) does. They are not originals, while Kanye is one. As is Rihanna.

He is now working with Axel fucking Vervoordt, one of the most respected and successful interior designers in the world. I know many of you here don't have a clue about any of the stuff I'm writing, but there is a world, removed from Beyonce's tacky glitter outfits, and her ever-gyrating hips, filled with experts in their field, tastemaker industries that make billions, and like it or not, but Kanye West is very much a part of that world. It's the world of fashion, art and design. He's respected and well liked. He is special, because he has a good eye, and is unafraid.

While JayZ is a bog-standard rapper, with a tacky wife, and tacky taste, who used to sell drugs on the street, and thinks he's arrived. JayZ wishes he had the sort of pull Kanye has in certain circles.

Unknown said...

I invite you all to watch the Instagram video below to see the real Kanye West, who's a fucking sweetheart.

What other 'rapper' will unashamedly cry in public, because his long time friend has finally achieved his dream? He's the nutter with the heart of gold, and the fierce eye, and I absolutely adore him.

Ringo said...

Damn, I wonder why the men that date the Kardashians end up fucked up?

(And I agree, Kanye seems to have good taste and a real sense of fine art, unlike Jay and Bey)

plot said...

What is going on in this world????? AGAIN, I agree with every word Depeche has written!

Except for one issue - Jay Z was at one time a great fucking rapper and innovative as well. His stylings and flow were hypnotic, the word combinations, puns, and messaging even better. He was a natural east coast alternative, filled with a kind of ice compared to the war sounds of the west coast rappers. He was also a hell of a producer, knowing exactly when to present a sample that made the ear want to hear it again, and again, and again.

His problem became that damn marriage of his to a woman who very well might be illiterate and possibly very dumb. Jay fell for the stylings which were bullshit from the beginning. Destiny's Child was a broke ass imitation of the great TLC. Bey doesn't dance so much as pull vulgar pageant moves she learned as a child. When she does present something that looks original, you can bet she has stolen it from European videos and dancers. She clomps around stage strapped up like a horse for fetishers. Vulgar. That definition comes with a Bey meme. She has her fans, who absolutely adore her, which is fine but Rihanna blows her out of the water as far as originality and individual style and presence goes.

Beyonce is basically a Barbie - a sex doll turned into a child's toy.

To think of all the real talent Jay could have partnered with and instead he chose that one. Too bad.

There are times I really don't get Kanye, where his music is such an overproduced wall of sound and I simply can't, I just can't. But when he is good, the man is white hot and always PRESENT in everything he does. There are no cast off moments and imitations, it's all Kanye, and forcefully so.

It's not only his eye or his ear, which are both excellent. He manages to dive into mediocrity and extract the one gem of value which takes a very rare cultural understanding. Many seem to think the Kardashians are eating him alive, since they do have a poor effect on the men in their lives. Could be. I might have agreed before I saw the Porn Hub video. Now, I'm beginning to think that Kanye is having the greater effect on them and converting their image into something bigger than they imagined, something bolder, something very very unique.

Too bad Jay and Bey wanted to play the games of imagined aristocracy, and going on a nauseating tour of self love. They shouldn't have pissed off Kanye.

Unknown said...

Shit indeed. See me agreeing with plot...

As much as I dislike everything Kardashian, nobody can deny that Kim has changed her style and look for the better. She also seems to have become more reserved on social media, and picks and chooses her appearances and words more carefully. She's very slowly venturing out beyond the caricature she used to be. It's slow, but it seems to be happening. I too came to the conclusion that this might have been a direct influence of having Kanye around.

One thing I really appreciate about him, is that he's extremely un-arrogant and humble when confronted with people who are masters at something he isn't. He listens, and he absorbs. He will sit like a schoolboy during his favourite class and enjoy learning new things. Then he goes out and does his own thing, based on what he's internalised. It's inspirational behaviour for a no-talent like Kim K. She's changed for sure, from the Kim K of 10 years ago. Maybe she is indeed his greatest challenge. who knows.

plot said...

I personally think Kim was better looking a decade age but nonetheless she is implementing some serious change to her public persona. We can assume that her recent campaigns to have women released from life in prison, for relatively minor drug offenses, is influenced by Kanye and his relationship with Trump. Quite something for a Kardashian to do, whose major educational lessons growing up was gross narcissism and no respect for basic learning or civic responsibility.


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