Tuesday, December 25, 2018

Blind Items Revealed #6

December 18, 2018

Pretty sure this A- list mostly television actress from a show that went from great to what in the hell are they even talking about or doing in about a season found out her co-star boyfriend is cheating on her.

Lili Reinhart/Cole Sprouse


Justme said...

Aww that's too bad.

notthisagain said...

i knew it! a lot of ppl said it wasnt riverdale and them on OG blind, but it was

orangesoda said...

She's got a bit of a looney side but I like her. Hope this isn't true.

Zebra Seasoning said...

Called it. Wooo!

Habibti said...

Cole Sprouse is a hot commodity. He is young and should enjoy it.

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brasso TED said...


well thats the conclusion.


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