Friday, December 28, 2018

Random Photos Part Two - With Reader Photos

David Duchovny points out to his former wife, Tea Leoni just exactly who he slept with the night before.
Lisa Rinna and her daughter Amelia did their own thing while her other daughter
Delilah did hers.
That feeling when you see the price of a bottle of water at the airport. Emily Van Camp and Josh Bowman can relate.
The Goopster wants you to like this photo of her. It is where she gets the sand and salt water for her vagina cleanser she sells for $595 retail.
Helena Bonham Carter is now delivering pizza for Grubhub.
The shirt seems about right considering Holly Madison hit all the Disney parks in the world this year.
Speaking of Disney, Johnny Depp visited some sick kids in Paris dressed as Captain Jack. Then, later he had some Captain Morgan and got into a fight with himself.
Reader Photo #1
Reader Photo #2
Reader Photo #3
Reader Photo #4
Reader Photo #5
Reader Photo #6


sandybrook said...

Hi Readers! #2 is especially gorgeous.
Delilah Hamlin looks like she partaked in some illicit stuff before exiting where she did it.

Smalls said...

Depp is a huge POS, but I'm glad he does this for kids. The one thing he's actually doing right.

hunter said...

Delilah Hamlin looks high AF and her lips (close up in the Daily Mail) look RIDICULOUS.

Her outfit is also terrible.

Shaddup Mimsey said...

Hahaha I love readers #1 are Tina and Gene from Bobs Burgers. Awesome.

Crash said...

Reader #6 is beautiful.

herbert arnold said...

dear readers 2 and 6. im available.

MountainMama said...

Readers and pup, love your pictures!
I am worried about Delilah, she looks to be on some kind of shit she isn't handling well. How old is this girl?

hunter said...

she's like 19 barely.

first year of college I think

Brayson87 said...

What's the reference, Reader #1? :)

I think Reader #2 is totally another celebrity sneaking into the Reader Photos lol

Reader #3 is definitely up to something ;)

Damn, even the penguins are cute in Reader #4's pic :)

I'm getting a real Shane from the L Word vibe from Reader #5, too cool to care.

Reader #6 is far superior to all the generic redhead actresses LA cranks out.

Brayson87 said...

Yeesh, I don't think even the sharks want Tea and David.

Lisa and Amelia are doing comfortable black.

Delilah looks like married date night gone all wrong, lingerie top and mom pants.

Emily and Josh are such a cute couple. Just don't piss them off, I saw Revenge.

That's got to be one of the worst beach shots I've ever seen, even the sand looks depressed like it's trying to walk away.

Carter gets a pass for Fight Club.

I'm more interested in what Holly is doing with her hands, is she having a medical event?

Depp looks like he's doing something charitable so he gets a pass.

Sunnykm said...

OMG is the last reader photo Caroline for Below Deck??

Alana said...

Is that Tricia13 in picture 2? Beautiful photo.

HeatherBee said...

# 6 definitely looks like Caroline from Below Deck!

VikingSong said...

Depp looks great and it's nice that he still visits hospitals as Sparrow.

Ablamj said...


WaxDiva said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
longtimereader said...

Readers #2,5 and 6 Damn.

Guesser said...

@Brayson87 does snark without cruelty, a lost art. The much too attractive CDAN readers make me reluctant to send pic,will see.

Sarton Bander said...

A Los Angeles TV reporter and anchor's death is being treated as a possible drug overdose.

Chris Burrous, 43, a popular KTLA Morning News journalist and weekend host, was found unresponsive on Thursday at a Days Inn in Glendale, Calif. Authorities headed to the motel after a man Burrous was with reported that he had passed out and was possibly not breathing due to an overdose, Glendale Police Sgt. Dan Suttles said at a press conference.

KTLA reported that firefighters first on the scene arrived to find Burrous' male companion, whom Suttles described as “a friend,” trying to save him. The man “quite honestly did a good job of trying to render aid,” according to Suttles. Paramedics then took Burrous, who had been with the channel since 2011, to a nearby hospital, where he was pronounced dead.

There was no indication that Burrous' death was a suicide, Suttles said.

Sarton Bander said...

Disgraced Julian Niccolini Forced Out of Four Seasons Restaurant

The famed restaurateur pleaded guilty to sexual assault in 2016 but remained at the pricey reboot

News said...

why there are no blinds today?

cheesegrater15 said...

Entwardo must be hungover.

Weekittylass said...

Ha! That is definitely Cuckoo Caroline from Below Deck. I love that shit storm of a show. She has a warrant out for her arrest for a failure to appear for her pit bull attacking a neighbor’s small dog. I was lucky to have sailed twice on yachts as a teen with my parents. It would never have occurred to us to act so effing entitled as those guests they have. My mother would have fed us to the sharks.

EV said...

I'm #6, not Caroline but she's pretty fit so I'll take it haha

Sunnykm said...

EV why would you post a picture of Caroline?


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