Wednesday, December 26, 2018

Random Photos Part Two - With Reader Photos

Drew Barrymore, her kids and their nanny in Italy.
David Duchovny in Barbados seeing who he can Barbadosfornication with.
Emma Watson and her Christmas haul.
Bethenny Frankel and her new boyfriend.
Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez with a professional photographer in their house yesterday morning.
Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel and their couples counselor Mickey.
Kirsten Dunst on her way to a Christmas buffet.
Reader Photo #1
Reader Photo #2
Reader Photo #3
Reader Photo #4
Reader Photo #5


sandybrook said...

Hi readers and dog! Another two sets of stellar readers today.
Im completely certain ARod cooks his own food 😉! The rest of them meh.

Aquagirl said...

Hello, Readers, especially reader #1! Hope everyone is enjoying the holidays!

Did JLo have hair & make-up show up yesterday before breakfast?

Tricia13 said...

Hey readers!
Oh Kirsten.... Qu’est que c’est ca?!
Man JRod should’ve ordered a caterer because that breakfast looks lame:(
The matching LLBean Pj’s are a nice touch though😏

MountainMama said...

Love the readers and the dog. Makes my day, I wish they came with a name, cause I am selfish like that.
Bethenny's boyfriend? How old is that little twink?

Guesser said...

Bethany was crying crocodile tears for her ex how long ago? Great photos,readers.

sandybrook said...

I read somewhere maybe people online that this guy saved Bethenny's life? 😕

Brayson87 said...

It's nice to see Drew and co having fun.

Ugh, Duchovny is looking slimy in that pic.

Emma Watson is the girlfriend I'd want if I was a lesbian.

That's a strange pic Bethenny, do you have a lot of your pics taken from behind?

Haha everywhere was pushing those couples' red flannel pjs this year.

Notice how both Justin and Jessica are poised to run?

That's kind of a creep shot on Kirsten, was the pap hiding behind a car bumper?

Dena said...

Remember when Bennifer made chicken cutlets for Barbara Walters? Good times.

Hello, readers!

Brayson87 said...

Reader #1 and dog are both looking very debonair.

Aww, everybody wants to be the happy attractive older couple like Reader #2. Just hope it's not like Unsolved Mysteries, "this photo was taken right before the couple went missing..." lol

Jeez Reader #3, are you flying it or stealing it? It's cool either way! :)

Now see nobody gets driver's license pics like Reader #4, she's got the skills ;)

Reader #5 is totally Wisconsin Vice, Watch out Don Johnson!

Mango said...

If Bethenny is dating him, he must be loaded.

Ugh at the matching jammies.

Did Kirsten Dunst ever have her baby, or was that just a wild rumor?

Hi readers! 👋

Anonymous said...

I fucking HATE this photo SHIT. Just show me blinds revealed thats IT. FUCK OFF

GentleBreeze said...

Brayson87, I love you! ha,ha "The *real* story behind the smiling couple photo" You're a sweetheart!

Blue Margarita said...

Brayson,are you actually female? never would have guessed that

MattDaddy said...

Is Emma on an actual yacht? it looks very much like she's on a yacht.

Nicole said...

Love Couple #2!
Good looking and happy faces.
I bet they have had a long and satisfying marriage.

LondonGirl said...

Kirsten looks like Norman Reedus in drag there....

TellMeLies said...

#4 is NOT Courtney Love with filters???

orangesoda said...

Emma's photo is as exciting as a dog plop.


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