Friday, December 28, 2018

Random Photos Part One - With Reader Photos

One more chance to see your picture alongside people like Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner who apparently are never leaving London as long as Nick and Priyanka continue to stay there.

Two parts today
Mark Wahlberg and Rhea Durham are in Barbados.
Rita Ora was on the Graham Norton Show.
Kaia Gerber after watching John Mayer perform last night. He is probably already trying to get her on his Instagram show.
Kristen Stewart and her new girlfriend seem to be making this a daily thing.
Lin Manuel Miranda is in Puerto Rico doing Hamilton things.
Reader Photo #1
Reader Photo #2
Reader Photo #3
Reader Photo #4
Reader Photo #5
Reader Photo #6
Ryan Seacrest has exhausted the world's bronzer supply. Also, I'm sorry, but any guys out there who would let another guy hold an umbrella for you? Not a chance for me.
Teri Hatcher and her daughter in the official uniform of West Hollywood.


DogsMatter said...

I have submitted 2 photos within the last 2 weeks & they still aren't posted. They are of my cute dogs!! Do ppl have to be in them too? lol

Unknown said...

Reader #2. Can I motorboat those twins?

sandybrook said...

Yes he doesnt use animals by themselves, but he did do one this year very early on.
Anyway hi readers, is that Tori Spelling? I doubt she reads here though. An excellent group as usual.

Sara, Making It Work said...

@much- yep! Humans required!

MountainMama said...

Reader 1 I don't even want to know, yet I do! Great photos Dear Readers.

Brayson87 said...

Reader #1, Does it count if the sheep goes over the bowling line?

I love how Reader #2 matched the unicorn's expression, total zen.

Damn celebrities always trying to sneak into group shots like Reader #3's pic. Not sure on which is the reader, logic tells me the left, instinct tells me the right.

Reader #4 has quite the luxurious beard!

I'd make a joke for #5 but I'm afraid it's a historical location where something awful happened.

Damn #6, those are some big guns!

Brayson87 said...

I'll seriously fall over if I ever see a Jonas holding a girl's hand with his right hand.

Great shot pap, couldn't get that garbage can out of the shot of Mark and Rhea?

Rita always looks like a truck you want to rent by the hour, no way you'll need her all day.

Kaia has nice sensible shoes.

If I didn't know any better I'd swear the girlfriend was the star, not rough trade looking Kristen.

Strange shirt on Lin.

No sh!t Enty, Ryan is more orange than that umbrella behind him. Well being close to other men is how he got where he is today, why stop now?

Aww, they have matching mother/daughter sneakers.

Leanne Norman said...

I honestly thought reader 1 was Vince Vaughan.

Freebird said...

Cute pics, readers! 😊

Max Power said...

Reader 1 here.... this was White Trash night at bowling. I won't tell you exactly what is holding the sheep to my pelvis. lol

Mango said...

Holy crap, Kaia has some bony legs!

Anna said...

Wow...more great lookin (and happy) readers.

Mango, my 1st thought too...toothpick legs.

Paul Saint John said...

Nick Jonas looks like a sad, abused puppy.

sandybrook said...

S'up Max! Bowling is a lost art in Mericah!

Tami said...

Reader #1 is that...? I remember reading a staged controversy surrounding that... Uhm... Inflatable lol... Reader #6 looks like Cori Cooper from My life as Liz, does anyone remember that MTV show? The rest as lovely as usual :)

KittensRUs said...

Reader #6, you gotta share your diet and workout plan. You look amazing!

Bubbles said...

Enty you probably would have another man hold an umbrella for you if your bodyguards were men. If you think it seems gay to do so, being a perfectly able bodied man and having a woman walking behind you holding an umbrella would definitely not win you any fans.


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