Saturday, January 26, 2019

Blind Items Revealed #3

January 18, 2019

The stature of the performers at this tribute concert was supposed to be much higher, but dozens of A listers wanted no part of the widow.

Chris Cornell


parissucksliterally said...

As we said on the day this was posted, there was a pretty impressive lineup.
So this is crap.

sandybrook said...

Yeah but Entern gets to keep his version of this death going anyway.

Bonby Haud said...

That's because the blind is not trying to tell a story about how great or bad the concert was. It's trying to drop a hint regarding Chris Cornells Widow Vicky. Perhaps Enty is trying to leave a clue as to who hung our pal Chris on a Doorknob.

Read between the lines

Aquagirl said...

The most notable absences were Eddie Vedder (he didn’t go to the circus—oops, I mean funeral—either) and CC’s family of origin.

The Widow made more of a fool of herself than usual, which is hard to believe is even possible. She really thinks she’s a star. She was introduced by Josh Brolin, who I find to be a total creep. She’s still playing the grieving Widow, but remarkably, I haven’t seen her shed a single tear since the day he died.

LooLooEasy said...

Why does Christian Bale keep showing up to these things?

EV said...

More than just Eddie were missing - Tim Commerford of RATM and Audioslave was absent, as was Pearl Jam/Temple of the Dog's Mike McCready. The biggest red flag was that Chris' parents and siblings weren't there. I really think Matt Cameron was the reason for the big names involved, a lot of people thanking him on IG for helping to organise it all.
I was listening to a Cornell acoustic show earlier and he played Like A Stone, featuring the line "and if we're good we'll lay to rest anywhere we wanna go". It really struck me as I heard it that he was buried in LA, far from where he wanted to be. I do miss him terribly

TwoDots said...

Oh Vic, you going to make an appearance tonight?

Dannette said...

Why didn't Cornell's oldest daughter sing at the tribute? She actually has a great natural voice, not enhanced and covered up. Vicky Kariaynnis is so jealous and ugly that she couldn't be bothered to include Chris Cornell's first born at the concert. It's really quite sad.

NoMoreBullshit said...

Somebody asked her that on instagram, she said she would have loved it, but nobody asked her. So, you know who that person is

Aquagirl said...

@Dannette: The Widow would never allow Lily to compete with Toni.

greenfrog said...

Yeah, that is the thing about this, the widow never seemed to mourn at all, it was just one big rush to monetization. But the joke is on her because I am sure he was worth much more alive than dead.

Nowadays artists can't make money on their back catalogs like they used to, selling records and CDs so they have to tour whether they want to do or not, but they make astounding amounts of money. I dont think it worked out but I think the Who were looking at like a quarter million a night for a Vegas residency. People will pay for the live experience, Chris could have been rolling in it if he lived.

I still don't get why this guy hung himself, granted, he was aging and he was looking at maybe another bad divorce....but people go through this stuff, you know? You batten down the hatches.

Can someone tell me who the GIRLFRIEND was supposed to be? I could never figure that out.

greenfrog said...

If Pearl Jam and Soundgarden went on tour together the nostalgia alone would have made them millions...their fans are now in their 40s and 50s...not entirely, but they have the money for those $150-$200 tickets now.

I saw the Who for $22.50 way back when...course I also bought Quadrophenia and Tommy and Who's Next and Meaty Beaty Big and Bouncy in several formats too...that made up the difference.


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