Sunday, April 07, 2019

Blind Item #2

This alliterate designer has kept her child support issues out of the court system because she doesn't want her alliterate ex to go to jail. That is all about to change though because she wants to get paid what she is owed.


BayAreaGirl said...

Rachel Roy & Damon Dash?

Vita said...

Great guess, BayAreaGirl! Sounds like he must owe a lot, and needs to consider himself warned

gauloise said...

Great guess! also Dash recently settled a lawsuit with Lee Daniels where he was asking for 5 million, so he cant claim poverty anymore

BayAreaGirl said...

Thanks! RR is friends with Enty, so you’re right. This probably a warning.

Trapped said...


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Unknown said...

Rachel Roy & Dame Dash, for sure. He should have booted her butt long ago.


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