Sunday, April 07, 2019

Blind Item #4

The alliterate talk show host is ready to finally fire her husband, but will she have support of the studio? That is the question. 


MDAnderson said...

Wendy Williams. Same blind all the time

BayAreaGirl said...

Considering that he is her trigger, I hope so.

Vita said...

If he is abusive, on top of being a trigger, isnt it in keeping with any other metoo era policy that he should be fired, even if they are married?

Trapped said...

It's about damn time she wakes the fuck up, this man have spit on you and he don't care

Freckles said...

I wonder if they will end the show and then start a new show that he is not invite in

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TheBPlot said...

Yes she will. This is her hail mary pass. If she doesnt get rid of him, get ready for RuPaul. Thats the backup plan with Fox affiliates.

Unknown said...

Girl is looking ROUGH these days. She better pull it together ASAP or she's fuuuuucked.


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