Tuesday, June 04, 2019

Blind Items Revealed #1

May 24, 2019

Considering they were together last night, I am pretty sure the boyfriend of this former A- list actress is probably going to jail. They are co-dependent and she won't say or do anything about it.

Brian Hickerson/Hayden Panettiere


Anastasia Beaverhausen said...

She's one of the few people in Hollywood that I feel sorry for.

Avery said...

Ug. I don't know what she's been through, but clearly the wringer. I was sad to see her on Law and Order SVU playing an escort - she cried and it didn't seem like it took much acting. :(

Brayson87 said...

There really needs to be a young actress protection agency, her circuits got fried way back.

Substance D said...

She has been in front of cameras from the age of one, acting in commercials. She's never had a real job or real people around her. Her emotional template is drama. Drama is the indicator she is alive. People like this get bored in a matter of seconds if they don't have "shit" to deal with. Her mother was on soaps and her father is probably a shit so her life will never be normal by the standards of real human beings. And that's one big reason why she's played in public by other look-a-likes. She's a hot mess, connected through the peerage so she won't be abandoned by the industry as too much trouble, but she can't always hit her cues so back ups are ready. Pamperedterror is Google's translation of her name.

I'm not a robot.

Blond Dahlia said...
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Blond Dahlia said...

Agreed. Some of the things I’ve heard about her and her father in the blinds would turn any normal person’s hair white

Trapped said...

This young lady was a lost cause before Hollyweird and what happened in showbiz is CHILDREN GET USED AS SEX TOYS.
I can't unsee all these young children being used and their parents.. Their own parents pimp them out.
Oh how I wish, I could beat the fatal shit out of their parents.. No child should have to live this way, because they wanted to
be on TV... DISNEY BEEN THE DEVIL PULPIT, PICK YOUR CHOICE? All those writers, producers, runners etc should be put in jail with BigMike and let them feel the pain and humiliation those preteens and etc goes through, then just run a train on those raw butt of his everyday They in jail.....Oh and film and distribute it to let the world know, this is what going to happen to anyone pervert that touches a child... These young people have no one to protect them, it's a disgrace

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420 Friendly said...

@trapped I couldn't have said it better myself!!

Vita said...

Substance D--"Her emotional template is drama. Drama is the indicator she is alive. People like this get bored in a matter of seconds if they don't have "shit" to deal with. ".

I think that is a very astute, and, seemingly accurate, observation. Sadly, the cycles of ingrained dysfunction are so hard to break. Hopefully, one day she'll realize there is a better life out there.

HouellebecqGurl said...

I don't feel sorry for her, but then I understand codependent relationships on a personal level.

HouellebecqGurl said...

Who says she wants a different/better life or whether that would even make her happy? Lots of ppl live for the dysfunction. Without it they're miserable.


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