Saturday, June 08, 2019

Blind Items Revealed #1

May 28, 2019

The foreign born still really close to a one hit wonder was sending out emails and texts to producers and songwriters that this would be a great time to work with her because of the publicity she is generating and they should take advantage of it.

Iggy Azalea


earlybird2 said...

She might have to get a normal job soon

earlybird2 said...

or maybe she could go to a technical school

ZZZedMaster said...

May I ask why its so hard for these celebs to use what ever money they have and invest it into their education?

Lo Key says stop with the censorship already! said...

Bold of you to assume they're smart enough to be educated.

J said...

She is foul.

hunter said...

She started out by pimping herself to anyone who would bite.

She reportedly has close to zero natural talent.

Between those two things, it's a fizzle.

Hanniam said...

@Gen-z Because they either think the fame and fortune will never stop (LowKey’s scenario) or their people advise them against losing momentum.. and they listen (okay, more mild version of LowKey’s scenario. 🙄. )

Oh, and when they do, like Emma Watson, they get to put up with a lot of mocking. Because being smart is for losers, y’all.

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Krissie said...

hunter- reportedly? Haha you're too kind

Why does she even bother. I'm guessing even yachters turn her down at this point. Just go back to Australia, mission failed.

idiotslayer said...

White girl from Australia trying to sound ghetto. Some people smelled that ssstaink from the word go.

splatford said...

Her "leaked" nudes came out and they were disgusting ..fat flabby celluite encrusted ass that looked freddy Kruegers face and she still had visable scars from her most recent implants .. not sexy at all and the whole thing reeked of desperation

Krissie said...

The ones I just saw weren't bad just very clearly airbrushed


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