Saturday, July 20, 2019

Blind Items Revealed #1

July 12, 2019

Thinking aloud whether this now known association with drug kingpins is going to cast a wider net on that drug smuggling operation going on within the vast empire of the celebrity CEO.

Elon Musk


codyave said...

Recent Elon/drug empire blinds:

HushHush said...

I had wondered if this short seller was Mr X. Tesla dropped their lawsuit against him. Corporate bullies.

Elon should read up on John Delorean, founder of Delorean motors (the car in Back to the Future). He was caught in a drug sting, trying to raise money for his car company.

sandybrook said...

Elon doesn't have to raise money for much of anything he starts but he does recruit celebrity investors. Tesla stock is 258 down about 60 points since earlier this year. Hedge and Enty need to make up better bullshit to bring it down to their short target.

MothMoon said...

I'm just waiting for him to be linked with Epstein. And, just how much and how involved was Ms. Heard in all of it.

Angela said...

Everything comes together in Enty's Pedo Universe.

Anonymous said...

It never occurred to me before but maybe that's one of the benefits of working for these new technology companies. They all have a sideline of drug smuggling and there's easy access to the best drugs for the best and brightest people and that probably trickles down to normal staff. I mean it would be an incentive for a young person who is living with 3 other guys in a two bedroom apartment and dodging piles of poop on the streets.

Samantha the 1st said...

You could live in a neighborhood like that and still be paying 2k and up a month in some cities, MissD.

Real estate has gone nuts in the past little while. Seems like it will only get worse.

BRAD PITT said...

who would you rather ass fuck

Grimes ?

Amber Heard ?

A.Claire said...

I don't typically hate people, I know that this creature is just a front of a much bigger operation. Speaking of operations, he thinks that we all need to get chip implants in our brains. What in the actual hell is wrong with people to blindly say, hey, that sounds good lets do it. Go up in the mountains and stop bothering people. Had kind of a wild night, I think I'm still a little drunk.


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