Thursday, July 18, 2019

Blind Items Revealed #2

July 10, 2019

You know things are looking bad for you when this alliterate kiss ass website even starts in after the alliterate former actress turned royal.

Just Jared/Meghan Markle


Pissoff said...

And we're off!!😒

Rosie riveter said...

Enty feeling #SOBLESSED that Meghan Markle happened.
Click click click

Do Tell said...

Why, of all the celebrity blinds, do so many people take blinds about Markle personally? Ridiculous.

Humor Me said...

Why do we take MM seriously - because, deep down, we love the Royal Family. HM, the Queen is the stalwart of the Commonwealth and we have watched her family grow and learned they are human like us.
and, speaking for myself, hate to see anyone taken advantage of and used. Exhibit A - MM.

TeeHee@U said...

Meh. @DoTell...same when posters point out that "coming out" would hurt international sales.

Biracial people think it is attack on race (or sexuality) when in reality it is just pointy out a point.

Lauren said...

She’s just the worst. Can someone please explain to me why the BRF puts up with her?

J said...

Now that's a good question... who has the worse wife: Halfwit Harry or Jay-Z?

Like Ebola versus some Florida flesh-eating virus.

Do Tell said...

@Humor Me, I don't mean taking the blinds seriously, I mean people taking the blinds personally, as in, people go to the mat defending her as if she was a relative or someone who would even give them a second look on the street. I don't see that happen with many celebrities.

I agree that she seems like a blatant opportunist.

.robert said...

She does not need to worry. There is an army of insane rabid sjws at Celebitchy who will go after anyone who even seems to not be in sync with them.

Now! said...


And yet the proportion of the population who are SJWs is very small, just like the proportion who are extreme right-wingers.

The real problem is that Meg is starting to interfere with the Royal Family's relationship with its real target market, the ordinary and modest Britons who are sincerely happy to see Prince Edward show up for the 175th anniversary of its drum and bugle corp or Princess Anne open the new Magnetic Resonance Imaging Unit at Conquest Hospital.

Prince Harry's decision last weekend to blow off a memorial ceremony for British soldiers in order to attend the Lion King premiere with his wife and Beyoncé is the sort of thing that makes this target market very angry.

Samantha the 1st said...

Rosie - LOL of course, but for some reason these blinds are catnip. It would've been the same had Diana or especially Sarah joined the RF after just about everyone had internet.

Do Tell - any type of stanning is weird to me. Is everybody gonna like everybody? No. Not even if it's Sandra Dee.

I can understand giving a counterpoint or trying to be fair, but stans get personal if someone disagrees or doesn't like their hero. It's like "honey that person does not know or care you exist."

I think Meghan is an opportunist as someone said, but my heart hurts for PH if so, he's been through enough. So I hope I am wrong and their thing works out for both of them.

Samantha the 1st said...

"If you can't even impress JayZ" - I dunno, they were partying with Seth Rogen, Bey and Jay til 3 AM that same night, according to the pap press.

"Impress" vs. "Good business contact" though...*shrug.* Who knows. It's all the same in those circles.

Anonymous said...

Well the Lion King event was a turning point. The House of Sussex has openly become a pay for play. Disney deposited three million dollars into their "charity" (MM's bank account) and Harry cancelled his official event that had been on his calendar for eleven months. I see Nutty posted about it as well. You have to give it to them they are now openly for sale. Let's see how long The Firm allows this to continue. It's not playing out well on UK sites.

Aquagirl said...

@Samantha: PH & MM were not at the after party.

YummyBoogers said...

Markle is a shameless, social-climbing narcissist who clearly memorized The Art of Seduction from cover to cover. If she weren't such a spoiled brat, I'd be inclined to have great respect for her, as her level of scheming and manipulation takes SERIOUS DEDICATION! 😂

YummyBoogers said...

What the hell...Disney PAID them to show up at the premiere?? No wonder Meghan wanted her and Harry's charity separate from the Cambridge' one to notice the embezzlement.

Also...that's SUPER f**ked up if they skipped a memorial to hobknob with Beyonce and Jay-Z. It's very obvious Meghan is ALLLLLLLL about rubbing elbows with celebrities. Tsk.

Sd Auntie said...

Prince Andrew is 100x worse . next

Samantha the 1st said...

The whole "branding of royalty" thing is distasteful imo. Do any of the other official royal branches use the WORD "royal" in their social media names or charity groups, or whatever?

It's like seeing Buckingham Palace open a tatty gift shop with a neon sign out front.

YB - Yeah $ 3 mil to ignore fallen soldiers. As NF said, that won't go over well with the older or more conservative (read: aren't led by Instagram) crowd.

Have we heard of any other royal courting "donations?" Sarah is the only one that comes to mind, that video of her asking for $ to introduce someone to Andrew.

Have we heard of Duchess Kate being paid to be anywhere? Or Prince William?

Samantha the 1st said...

I should have known you were there, Aquagirl.

"@Samantha: PH & MM were not at the after party."

There's a contrarian @ from you to me in almost every topic I comment in.

I did say "according to the pap press," and I said nothing about "the" after party.

Monkeyweather said...

MK Ultra victims are usually a bit hard to connect with. "She"'s no exception.
A pity about the fake pregnancy. Did you see the pics where the bump flopped down to her knees? Oops!

Wonder where they got the baby for the photos?
PS: The USSS will never allow a trained and lethal MK Ultra anywhere NEAR the president.
She'll always be "away" or "incapacitated" when POTUS is in town.

Monkeyweather said...

She's important. Just not for the reasons the general public had been led to think. Keep watching her and you will see some VERY interesting be things. Not her acting. That sucked.

Habibti said...

Only acne faced teenagers read Just Jared.
Adults read DListed. He keeps it real and very salty. The way I like it!

Samantha the 1st said...

Interesting comments Monkeyweather.

Did you see the news story when she was 11?

Do you think that's a sign of grooming? (I have no idea.)

Why did you put "she" in scare quotes?

Can you say more about the video with the bump pad?


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