Friday, August 09, 2019

Blind Items Revealed #4

August 2, 2019

A charity bash is having one last hurrah because it was too late to cancel. The thing is this next year there will be lots of questions about the founder's relationship with the wealthy pedophile.

Ron Perelman ("Apollo in the Hamptons")


JD said...

Just googled him. Dude looks like a comic book villain.

sandybrook said...

Since the thing was the other day people had plenty of time to get their questions ready to ask. Did they Enty?

Alf Landon said...

Typical-a TDS suffering psycho

Amartel said...


Nicole said...

Ellen Barkin was his happy wife.

Collateral Justice said...

Ron took the Moloch worship to the next stage. Now his mistress is death.
Will Mr Perelman taste the pain he so loves to dish?
Can our hero worshiped man-whore drink the pain until the sweet embrace of Valhalla?

Pedowood has your back, Jack. They must worship your deity or be black listed.

Not I said the former consumer. Not I.
Now if we are talking Bootleg, I'm your man, Stan.

Flashy Vic said...


I did too. A head the same size and shape of a small planet.

Anonymous said...
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Aquagirl said...

Nasty, nasty pig!

Chris said...

Those that scream the loudest, that explains Ron's early tirades and the MSM's constant articles about them.

Mischief Girl said...

I read this as "Ron Perlman"--from Sons of Anarchy.

Enty, you gave me a heart attack!!


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