Sunday, November 10, 2019

Blind Items Revealed #6

October 30, 2019

You can ask the celebrity CEO a year from now if he donated what he said he would donate today. He won't have done it. He likes the attention of making announcements, but never follows through.

Elon Musk/donating $1M worth of trees


TeeHee@U said...

LmAO on Tucker Carlson and the weather guy he has on said for every mile a celebrity flies private: they should plant a tree. Let's see how that goes ;P

J said...


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Flashy Vic said...

$1m won't buy very many trees. Maybe a snug glade or a small rest area's worth.

Or maybe he's branching (sorry) out and stocking up so he can start selling Christmas trees for the festive season.

momo said...

I was reading about the LA fires today and some speculating about the FINDERS which made me think about McMartin and the Getty tunnel stories and then I suddenly remembered that Musk was involved in some heavy duty tunneling work in CA too. I think he talked about it on Rogan that time he smoked weed? Can't remember. I read too much, and listen to too many radio shows.

Just the tunnel shit creeps me out. I had nightmares as a child of these mazes underground, and never talked about them. THen I went to DC in the seventies and there they were. THEN my daughter told me she was having underground tunnel dreams. It completely freaked me out.

BigFanUSA said...

How do I report @WaveShopDelivery ? I am an addict in recovery and besides that, what he's doing is illegal.

Studio54 said...

That is a wonderful gift for someone to make. Someone can say Musk promised, but I delivered on this wonderful gift.

Trump has gutted our environmental laws. Every month it hotter than the last month on record. The climate is changing radically, all the massive hurricanes, glaciers melting in the arctic, salmon dying in Alaska because the water is too warm, before they could even spawn...

Anonymous said...

Elon Musk will go down in history as the PT Barnum of our time.

hothotheat said...

I support you in reporting Wave

Whatever said...

Studio54 has the worst case of TDS that I have ever seen...Hillary included. Seek help.

Yaccub said...



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