Tuesday, December 24, 2019

Blind Item #4

Dear Foreign Born Former B+ List Tweener Turned Irrelevant Adult Singer,

I read your recent social media post where you ranted and roared about the horrors of gossip and how they are the plague of journalism. Really? That is where you want to go with this? The same person who was a complete unknown again until a couple of months ago when your PR team started a campaign to get you in the tabloids with that fake relationship of yours. Day after day the tabloids were inundated with pitches. Day after day, you and your fake girlfriend posted photos of yourselves would be picked up by tabloids. Now gossip is bad? You didn't think so when you were using it to your advantage.

Love & Bacon,



Tricia13 said...

Cody Simpson

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
TeeHee@U said...

Cody Simpson.

I do have to agree with ENTY on this. If you open the door to your personal relationships on social media, you are asking people to talk about you and it does probably lead to people probably making up stuff about you or knowing who you are. He just seems mad that he cannot control the narrative.

I really do think the smartest celebrities keep a very low profile with relationships. Real or fake.

Boo said...

Merry Christmas Eve, or whatever you celebrate y'all! For the next few days, let's not tear each other apart. :) Especially he who shall not be named.

Ooooh, Enty be annoyed, lol.

Cody is alien looking to me. I can't decide if he's attractive or not. Bangin' body.

They always crow about gossip knowing full well they love it. Of course if there's stalkers and such, that's not wanted, but otherwise as long as their name is in the headlines, they're okay with it.

Thank goodness that's the end of their "relationship". I'm tired of Miley and her classlessness. One day she'll realize she let a good fish go.

Brayson87 said...

Nah, cishet dudes complain about gossip all the time, right?

Girl with a Hat said...

this is obviously Nana Mouskouri.

sandybrook said...

welp he can always blame the gossip columnists caused the relationship to break up instead of saying the short-term contract was up. I hope he at least got a BJ from her out of it.

Anonymous said...

Just watch I am sure in a Month or so Cody Simpson will be acting entirely different towards The Media and being much more kind toward them.
Once He realizes The Media has stopped caring about Him ( Which will be very soon )
Son honestly Enty I wouldn't be too worked up about this.

DJS NOLA said...

sandy only if the bj was from one of her male friends lol

SlimKeith said...

Enty acting santimonious and judgemental is what's funny. He's no better than any of the people he writes about. He makes it clear he knows about abuse of women and children at the highest levels and he he handles it by writing a gossip column. He's just as bad and worse then some.

Anonymous said...

But...but...Miley said that Cody was the only person born male on the earth who was a decent human being. That should get him some leverage...or at least get him laid.
Yeah, he's hot in the same way that Logan Paul is hot...banging body but would ya really? I mean I would but would you?

hunter said...

RIP Boo Hearne - CDAN reader who died last year of cancer, nice lady - she was a bit feisty.

Brayson87 said...

@hunter, Yeah someone found her alive and commenting on another website.

breadhead said...

@hunter, https://disqus.com/by/boohearne/comments/

Anonymous said...

Who on earth cares about "Cody Simpson", what he does, or what he rambles on social media?
As for Miss Cyrus, she was psychologically broken by the Disney trailers.
Broken. Shattered, when her parents sold her as Hannah Montana.
Fragmented. Gone.
Fame has a price. Sadly.


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