Sunday, December 08, 2019

Blind Items Revealed #5

November 27, 2019

This once regular west coast Housewife who came back for a season as a guest not only brought in some shoes to have red bottoms painted on them that were not there previously, but then also wanted a discount on the work because she was on television. She didn't get it.

Alexis Bellino


Superfly said...

She's gnat-brained and so was her ex. I will never forget the moment they pulled up at some tacky Palm Springs Hotel, flamingoes all over the lawns.
He pointed at them and exclaimed 'Look honey, swans!'. She replied 'wow honey'.

IndieRaga said...

This show sounds entertaining by the day.

Andi said...

Her hubs is a con man and loan shark.

Spider Rico said...


sandybrook said...

Shocking scandalous blind right here. Shoemaker demands full price for his work.

TheBPlot said...

Yep. This is right. The opposite of shocking for her.

Boo Kitty said...

You know it's all scripted, right? It's ever-expanding concentric circles of idiocy, and the pimps, prostitutes, and voyeurs partaking are equally complicit in the disease.

Ratsnest said...

She looks like she'd be a whole lotta fun for an hour or two, but not any more than that.


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