Sunday, January 05, 2020

Blind Item #4

The disgraced producer got a platform to spew an unquestioned version of events because he is besties with the president of a cable channel. The same president who in his old job used to have the back of the disgraced news anchor.


gauloise said...


gauloise said...

And CNN/Zucker

answered 8 questions via email

sandybrook said...

+1 gauloise

Sd Auntie said...


notthisagain said...

Weinstein and CNN

Yes I hate Fox News, I’m a liberal but I 100% know CNN is hypocritical & BS

The trump administration is the best thing to happen to them. Before that they had that weirdo British guy always talking about MH136, the plane that disappeared. With all those batshit insane graphics, remember that?? Lmaoooo


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