Sunday, February 02, 2020

Blind Item #8

This A list director up for a lot of awards was verbally humiliating strippers on Friday night while out of the country.


Tricia13 said...

Todd Phillips

J said...


sandybrook said...
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Colonel Blake said...

Here's hoping the strippers thereafter instructed bartenders/cooks to "teach them a lesson..."
Always be nice to strippers, waitresses, secretaries, etc....they truly hold all your secrets.....

Guesser said...

Enty getting vaguer every day. This could be any name director. No Oscar nominations, just vague awards. If he made it rain, no one cares. If he was asked to leave and made a scene,that would be a blind. Doesn't even say married.

gauloise said...

Didnt we just have this blind or one super similar not too long ago?

Angela said...

Not really. Todd Phillips is the obvious answer to a series of generic blinds.
He may be in London now, due to the BAFTAs, but I’m too lazy to check the Daily Mail, which must be the source for the sighting. You may also notice that Joaquin Phoenix is also toxic here now. That must be the Robert De Niro curse that causes people working with him to be described as pieces of shit, to please certain commenters here.

RobertaJoan said...

Humiliating strippers is one of many effective ways to find yourself busted up in a grimy alleyway. Perhaps that's his unwise goal?

To each his own.

squirrelmistress said...

i think deniro is a piece of shit all on his own.

Do Tell said...

Joaquin Phoenix is not toxic here now. people have more pity or compassion for him than anything.

Aquagirl said...

Whoever this is doesn’t need to humiliate strippers; they’re already humiliating themselves.

Ditto the Victoria’s Secret Angels/Yachters, such as Bella Hadid as per recent DM article re: L Brands.

notthisagain said...

Todd Phillips / Joker

a known dbag

fionafab said...

Has anyone posted about the BAFTA's tonight? Juaquin wins Best Actor, Renee wins Best Actress. Brad Pitt wins Best Supporting Actor. 1917 wins everything! Al Pacino (soon to be 80) falls AGAIN on the Red Carpet. The Irishman, the film that was destined for prizes months ago, has won zero. Very sad because the director and actors won't be around forever. Since these are the British Oscars, nice to see Americans taking home the prizes. Pretty sure this is how it's going to go next month at the Academy Awards. Phoenix, Renee, Brad, Laura Dern all deserve to win.

flyingtiger said...

The lesson taught by Jimmy Steward's characters in all his movies is that you should respect all women, no matter who they are.
Remember even bad girls need love , too.

BRAD PITT said...

after Joaquin Phoenix won the BAFTA for joker he went on and on he condemned the BAFTAs for not nominating people of color

does Joaquin know the following were nominated for / won BAFTA awards

1957 Sidney Poitier Edge of the City

1958 Sidney Poitier The Defiant Ones

1961 Sidney Poitier A Raisin in the Sun

1964 Sidney Poitier Lilies of the Field

1966 Sidney Poitier A Patch of Blue

1967 Sidney Poitier In the Heat of the Night

1984 Haing S. Ngor The Killing Fields

1999 Om Puri East is East

2003 Benicio del Toro 21 Grams

2004 Jamie Foxx Ray

2004 Gael García Bernal The Motorcycle Diaries

2006 Forest Whitaker The Last King of Scotland

2008 Dev Patel Slumdog Millionaire

2010 Javier Bardem Biutiful

2013 Chiwetel Ejiofor 12 Years a Slave

2017 Daniel Kaluuya Get Out

1955 Dorothy Dandridge Carmen Jones

2000 Michelle Yeoh Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon

2002 Halle Berry Monster's Ball

2002 Salma Hayek Frida

2004 Zhang Ziyi House of Flying Daggers

2005 Zhang Ziyi Memoirs of a Geisha

2009 Gabourey Sidibe Precious

2011 Viola Davis The Help

2018 Viola Davis Widows

1982 Roshan Seth Gandhi

1985 Saeed Jaffrey My Beautiful Laundrette

1994 Samuel L. Jackson Pulp Fiction

2000 Benicio del Toro Traffic

2001 Eddie Murphy Shrek

2004 Jamie Foxx Collateral

2004 Rodrigo de la Serna The Motorcycle Diaries

2005 Don Cheadle Crash

2007 Javier Bardem No Country for Old Men

2012 Javier Bardem Skyfall

2013 Barkhad Abdi Captain Phillips

2015 Benicio del Toro Sicario

2015 Idris Elba Beasts of No Nation

2016 Dev Patel Lion

2016 Mahershala Ali Moonlight

2018 Mahershala Ali Green Book

1982 Rohini Hattangadi Gandhi

1989 Laura San Giacomo Sex, Lies, and Videotape

1990 Whoopi Goldberg Ghost

1996 Marianne Jean-Baptiste Secrets & Lies

2000 Ziyi Zhang Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon

2002 Queen Latifah Chicago

2005 Thandie Newton Crash

2006 Jennifer Hudson Dreamgirls

2008 Penélope Cruz Vicky Cristina Barcelona

2008 Freida Pinto Slumdog Millionaire

2009 Mo'Nique Precious

2011 Octavia Spencer The Help

2013 Lupita Nyong'o 12 Years a Slave

2013 Oprah Winfrey The Butler

2016 Viola Davis Fences

2017 Octavia Spencer The Shape of Water

GentleBreeze said...

Thank you for this list, BradPitt.

hothotheat said...

The one about telling a waitress to f off when she turned him down? Phillips was the popular guess.

Yaccub said...

Wow nailed it. Thank you @Angela

dav725 said...

Bong Joon Ho.....again

ZZZedMaster said...

Those Hispanics are white'.

stephen cooper said...

flying tiger - the Jimmy Stewart character in that Christmas movie was awful rude to his wife and daughter.

Just saying.

Do Tell said...

She nailed nothing.


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