Friday, April 24, 2020

Four For Friday - The Script

This foreign born A- list dual threat actor has been reflective while hanging out in isolation. Contrary to what he should be doing, he has had several friends over at a time to hang out and do some drinking. Apparently two weekends ago, while in the middle of sharing stories and drinks, our actor pulled out a folder of scripts. These were not movie scripts or a script for a television show. Nope. It was a collection of two and three page scripts from a previous relationship he had and what he was supposed to say and when. It was written by someone with screenwriting experience and had stage cues and everything.

Also, with the scripts were schedules for the days they were together, including locations and places they would visit. It was all scripted to where they would sit in restaurants so they could be seen from the outside. It listed the photographers that would be used. There were about ten of these schedules and then just some other miscellaneous documents suggesting what the actor should wear that day and what his partner would be wearing. Yet another set of pages told him what he was allowed to say about the relationship and what he couldn't say. It offered suggested alternatives if he couldn't answer that question or a pivot he could take instead.

He was also not supposed to print any thing, which of course he did, and if he did print something, to destroy all copes afterwards, which he did not.

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