Thursday, April 23, 2020

Today's Blind Items - Cult Competition

Come on down, because the cults are having a competition for recruits. I have already told you that the mainstay cult is having trouble finding lots of younger members to replace the ones who have already donated hundreds of millions of dollars. I have told you about the group that has done the best job replacing them by finding young people with huge social media followings and then giving them perks and percentages of offerings and VIP status. That has been working really well for that group.

Let us move beyond that. Let us look at the smaller more sex driven based cults where it is all about loyalty and finding the people who are willing to give up their lives to become a sex slave who is also willing to make you money. In both of the cults I am going to write about, the money thing has been removed. Neither of these cult leaders need money. They only want sex slaves. Loyal sex slaves to worship their egos and other parts of their anatomy.

One of the leaders who I have recently mentioned really has a leg up on recruiting. He is an actor/singer and convenient absentee from a recent reunion. Because of his following and what he does, he has people loyal to him, BUT doesn't know for quite some time after they join him whether they will be a sex slave. So, how did he get a few? He landed a few when his competition decided to quit for a bit.

This former A+ list mostly movie actor had a "religion." I wrote about it many years ago. He had a small group of followers. There were maybe a half dozen that lived with him and took care of him and gave up everything to be with him. When he ended up gettng a girlfriend several years back, he reluctantly let them go. They drifted around together as a group for awhile. A couple left, but there were three that stuck together until about 18 months ago when they were discovered by the actor/singer. They became his base and he could have them help his recruiting. Interestingly enough, he doesn't have sex with those three because they are way over 20-21 which is kind of his cutoff, but they are good at finding the ages he does like.

When our former A+ list actor decided to get back in the game, he needed someone he could help find him young devoted female fans who would come flocking. Enter the A list singer who has been extremely valuable with getting the former A+ lister in front of an entirely new group of people. He has used those new fans to find two women to be his "starter" and help him recruit several more. 

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