Saturday, June 27, 2020

Blind Item #3 - Reader Blind

This stand-up comic has had a respectable career. He’s not a household name but has worked steadily for many decades. Two earlier career points - 1.) Had a short lived TV show with his name as part of the title that saw him matched up with other performers who were very different 2.) Had a reoccurring role on a popular show that involved cars and which had a film reboot later.

He has also benefited greatly from his long friendship, which started early in their careers, with this permanent A+ talk show host who has had more than one show.  He appeared on the host’s show(s) many many times.

Many female comedy club staff and fans can attest that back in the day this comic is/was a serial predator. His modus operandi was to appear very polite and mild-mannered and under some pretense like he needs help with something or wants to give a person further information will get women alone and then attack them. The good news is this info got spread pretty quickly and so a lot of women knew to avoid him. It is also one of the reasons his career did not advance on from stand-up comedy after earlier success as he also displayed handsy, vulgar behavior on set.

One of the most astonishing things about this is he had a bit in his act for many years where he described his strategy (getting women alone under false pretenses and then jumping them). He even did it on his friend the host’s show. 

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