Wednesday, June 24, 2020

Today's Blind Items - The Comic

Back in the day we were all shown that this A list comic loved being with underage girls when he was decades older. This comic is always seen as someone with a warm and welcoming image. Peel away that facade and you see him for who he really is. When he could control who was in shows with him, he would only work with female comics who had slept with him or one of his friends. He would also only allow them on stage if he considered them attractive. He didn't care whether they were good, he just wanted them to be attractive and want to sleep with him. Every project he has been on for the past several decades, he so rarely hires women for anything that agents know not even to bother trying to put women up for any thing for which he is in charge. If he isn't in charge, he will complain to the people who are, to make sure that any women who do work with him know that he has all the power and takes great care in making sure the women know it. No one calls him out on any of this because they are all scared of him.

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