Thursday, June 25, 2020

Today's Blind Items - The Payoff

In the early 60's this future A+ list criminal/playboy got an opportunity that would change his life and propel him more quickly down the path he was already following. A company that is still in existence today and is even bigger than they were back then needed someone on the ground in our criminal's country. As their representative, he could expect to earn $20-25M a year minimum. The company just needed one thing from him first. They needed him to meet with someone from the CIA who wanted him to be a part of a project. He assumed it was a project in his own country. No. It was a project in the US. They needed his help with logistical support he could provide because of all his connections he had since childhood with various high profile individuals in the region. He always said he had no idea what the project was in advance of it actually happening. It was only after the A++ list politician was killed and the investigations that followed, that he knew what role he had played in it. It didn't stop him from taking hundreds of millions of dollars from that company in the decade after though.

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