Friday, June 05, 2020

Four For Friday - Bad Band Behavior

#1 - This foreign 80's hair metal band once tried to tattoo a baby elephant, but the tattoo artist bailed on them when he saw he the size of the elephant.

#2 - This permanent A list singer from a permanent A list band that has been around for many decades, once extended his stay at a hotel for five additional days because that is how long it took him to peel every inch of wallpaper off and pull up all the carpeting from his suite.

#3 - This permanent A+ list singer both in a group and solo had sex with multiple boyfriends before everyone decided she was waiting for the right guy. She had all the exes sign NDA's and then when one of them tried to talk about it anyway, it wasn't a lawyer sent to confront him, but two guys with guns. He never mentioned it again.

#4 - This former A- list singer who reached his peak in about the 2005-2007 range had his bedroom in the back of the bus. He would tell women that if they wanted to sleep with him, they had to walk past all the other men and women who were in the front parts of the bus. If they stopped her and wanted some kind of sex act, she had to do it. He never slept with any of those women. He just like to humiliate them.

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