Thursday, June 04, 2020

Today's Blind Items - We Better Move - Old Hollywood

This permanent A+ list director is known for being dark and macabre. He is also known for the way he sexually assaulted women or forced himself on them. Sometimes he would combine the two. In the middle of World War 2, our married director invited an aspiring actress back to his home. At his house, things got out of hand and the woman was killed. The director had to tell his wife what happened and she said he needed to take care of the problem. Apparently his way to take care of the problem was to dig a hole and bury the body in the backyard. One week later on his wife's birthday he bought her a purse and inside the purse was a key and a note. The note said he took care of the problem and the key was to their new house without a dead body buried in the backyard.

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