Monday, June 01, 2020

Today's Blind Items - Rashlike

Apparently there have been several battles between record companies and artists over the past six to nine months. This battle is because the artists have all wanted to call albums Rashlike. It was such a bizarre name that a record executive at once label told her friend at another label and she said an artist had also put in the same request. They then asked around to others and found a total of three who had requested it. One is a foreign born B+ list rapper/singer who actually ended up getting his second choice which is interesting considering he would have started one if he had his original choice. The second one is from the same country as the first. She is a one named B+ list singer. The final one was the best selling one. Also a foreign born singer, but he is A+ list. There was buzz that the latest effort from this A list singer was also going to try and use the name, but that hasn't been confirmed yet. So, why does everyone want to use the name as of late? No one knows exactly why, but it is the closest anagram to the word Ereshkigal, so that has been everyone's guess.

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