Monday, June 15, 2020

Today's Blind Items - The Blooper Reels - Part Two - Old Hollywood - Mr. X

The blooper reels discussed in the previous BI, which date from the mid ‘30s to the early ‘50s, for the most part feature most of the stars at the lion studio flipping the bird and dropping f (or mf) bombs or shits or dammits  after flubbing a line or missing their entrance or exit on a scene. No bleeps or silly sound effects to obscure the words, raw and unfiltered. Among these bloopers are some surprises:

1) Biggest potty mouth is the mother of the celeb spawn from the previous BI, there are a number of bloopers from her most famous movie where she and her costars flub their lines. One flub from the same movie she flips the bird to someone off screen (That would make a great meme). She’s also the person who breaks up with laughter the most when one of her costars misses a line or does something goofy. One of the later blooper reels has the opening number from her last movie for the studio where she’s singing in the shower, and she breaks character when she looks into the camera, comes out of the shower topless and yells “what the fuck are you looking at!? get out of here you peeping tom!” and she saunters back to the shower with a towel like a burlesque stripper.

2) The studio’s biggest male star (besides the pint sized actor who we will get to later) is featured more than any actor and there’s a few bloopers where he moons his female costar, exposes himself or comes out buck naked.One of his many leading ladies who was also a popular pinup girl is seen with his then current wife, a comedic actress who died tragically, in a mock catfight with fake slaps and strangulation making fun of the rumors of the off set affair of the pinup girl and the actor. He also makes fun of gay men (using a lispy voice), Latinos and Asians.

3) When this foreign born actress with possibly the most interesting side gig found out that clips of her nude scenes from a pre Hollywood movie were spliced into a blooper reel with audio overlaid of her saying the tagline from one of her more popular movies, she left the studio.

4) He's mostly known for starring in two TV series later in his career, but he did many movies before that. At the lion studio he mainly appeared in B-movies with supporting roles in A-movies. He was also the 2nd biggest flasher in the blooper reels. In one scene, he emerges from a bathtub fully naked.  In another scene, he's dressed as Romeo for a party scene with the actress known for costarring in that jungle franchise and who has a  celeb spawn. He's wearing a dance belt in the finished film, but in this alternate take you can see everything through his tights.

5) One of the studio's most preeminent leading ladies was nicknamed Queen of the Lot because of  who she married. After her husband died suddenly, she pushed ahead with a biopic that was a pet project for both of them. For her leading man, she got a closeted actor loaned out from a rival studio. In one blooper reel scene they switch costumes via a jump cut and he's in full drag. They continued this charade at a Halloween party at San Simeon.

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