Monday, July 06, 2020

Blind Item #4 - Reader Blind - Kindness

This deceased Emmy winning/ Emmy nominated actor, Oscar nominated actor was A+ at his peak as a result of the title role he played in a popular TV show that also featured a family member in a supporting role.  He was also in many films where he often played villains and was a commercial spokesman.  He cultivated a specific physical detail that was instantly recognizable.

This global body that everyone knows whose headquarters is in the city where the actor’s TV show took place contacted the actor about helping out with a potentially serious international crisis. The actor had worked for the global body before his acting career. This island nation was caught between two bigger nations in a proxy war that killed a lot of people. One of the two bigger nations was the homeland of the actor’s family and he was proud of his roots and often referred to them in the TV series and in interviews.  A group of civilians whose heritage was from this country  were trapped in a war zone on the island nation and needed to be rescued. The actor helped put together a series of airlifts that saved the lives of several thousand people.   

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